Feng Shui: Christian-style

Many Jehovah’s Witnesses that I know are apprehensive about Eastern philosphies for various reasons.  I have found that some of them have a black/white view of the world and have applied evil/bad tendencies towards theses philosophies.  Some even go as far as to call them “demonic”. Other simply do not care to learn about Eastern philosophy, feeling content with their own spiritual existence.  In all fairness, this can be said of any other group of people.

We have a tendency to apply the principles of what we know to that which we don’t know in an effort to rationalize our opinions about a subject we know so little of.  I feel that Feng Shui suffers the same fate in many people’s minds.  Fundamentally speaking, Feng Shui is an awareness of your living space to the point of maintaining rooms for the purposes they were designed for.  Ex: Keeping the bedroom for sleep by not allowing things such as TVs, PCs, exercise equipment, etc in them.  Feng Shui can take things a step further by incorporating a spiritual element to such space organization.  (This was probably done to make it more appealing to those practicing such spiritual practices at the time.)  I believe that this is where many people develop misconceptions.  The spiritual practice of Feng Shui is like reading Shakespeare.  How so?

In Elementary School, when I was first exposed to Shakespeare, I was taught to ‘translate’ the language of his works into my own language to better understand and express them.  In such a way, “Rome, where for art thou Romeo?” becomes, “Romeo, I’m lusting after you and I don’t know where you are.  You better call or text soon.”  In the same sense, understanding the spiritual origins behind Feng Shui and then translating them into your own spiritual language can allow you to practice Feng Shui with a clean conscience.

First of all, Feng Shui deals with spiritual energy called “Chi”.  This is because the Easter viewpoint on spirituality is simply and fundamentally different than Western viewpoints.  It is not wrong or worse, just different.  You must understand the spiritual history of the East.  Their philosophies were not created around an omnipotent God-like figure.  They had Emperors for that.  Rather, their spiritual philosophies are based on the belief that Man can become something better through constant observation, reflection, and study of himself and his surroundings (He can become a Buddha and move onto Nirvana).  Westernized Christianity can translate the term Chi into the positive, spiritual energy given to them from God for obedience, loyalty, etc.  So in reading about and practicing Feng Shui, a Christian is simply trying to make the most of the positive energies their god is bestowing upon them.  For example: Feng Shui teaches that the front door of the house is the gateway for Chi and should be kept clutter free and full of positive energy inducers (like pretty pictures).  This will allow Chi to flow through you and your home to bring peace.  This can be applied to the Christian lifestyle as well.

By keeping your front entrance free of clutter and, instead, full of “God energy” inducers (such as favorite scriptures framed), you are mentally and spiritually reminding yourself of the positive energies brought into your life by God.  This will spill over into the rest of your day and act as a positive starting point each time you come home.  Also, it will show others your spiritual priorities which is something of importance to most Christians I know.

In this sense, Feng Shui becomes a Christian-oriented practice.  This is, of course, what Christianity is good at.  Taking the practices of another philosophy or religion and tweaking it to fit it’s rules.  Of course, aren’t well all good at doing this?


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