Forget the Pot Holes.. out for the mental breakdown.

That was my goal yesterday.  I have always been told that life is full of “ups” and “downs”.  It seems that as of late, however, all of the ups just lead to downs.  It’s kind of like a rollercoaster being run by a sadist.  Get me off this thing!  Wait..


I don’t want life to stop, trust me.  I don’t have it so badly when I stop to think about it.  I am able to pay my basic bills: groceries, rent, utilities, car insurance.  I can even afford some luxuries like the Internet and Netflix.   I am also able to keep my sanity by indulging my stitch craftery with some yarn every now and again.  What’s the problem, then?  The problem is this: it’s getting harder.

Oh dear lord!  Someone else complaining about how “hard” life is.  Stop the presses!  “Oh please, dear..”, you may say, “life is hard on us all.  You better get used to it now.”

Oh trust me, I am more than used to a tough life.  I’ve noticed that lately, however, it’s getting harder to be poor.  It seems like that dollar just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.  The place I work at is taking more out of my check  for increases in insurance rates and taxes, but we’re not getting a cost of living increase.  We’re lucky if we get any type of bonus, as a matter of fact.  It’s getting harder to live.

“Money isn’t everything.”  No, it isn’t.  But it is necessary to pay the basics such as rent and utilities.  Which, by the way, are also going up.  Utilities have increased dramatically and the food at the store is going up as well.  I’m not even going to start talking about the whole gasoline issue.  I may as well start using a horse and buggy again.

What I want to know is this: How does this Government expect it’s population to support itself under these circumstances?  When the cost of living is increasing in everyway (food, fuel, etc) and no raises are being given, it only makes sense to NOT tax the people that are struggling even more.  I forgot.. this place doesn’t make sense.

I did not intend for this post to be a vent post when I first started.  I wasn’t even going to talk about the financial issues I am personally experiencing along with every other lower class Citizen of America.  I was going to vent about my work situation in a different way.  Strange how things unfold.

What really gets me is the attitude that some people have about how us poor people choose to be this way.  Come again? Let’s see.. Yeah, I definitely choose to have my husband and I so sick all the time that we have to see the doctors almost every week, thus eating up what little money we have.  I also choose to get paid a low amount of money for a job that, if I did it across the state line, would pay a good dollar more an hour.  My husband also chooses to have to work six days a week in order to get 40 hours in.  Give me a break.

Jobs just aren’t available like they used to be.  When they area available, people want unnecessary experience or education qualifications that they don’t expect of the people they currently have working for them.  This confuses me but there’s nothing I can do to change it.  I don’t know why I need a Bachelor’s in Business in order to be a part-time secretary.. but it’s not my business.

The jobs that are available are things like production, housekeeping, etc.  They require no education but lately, companies are using staffing agencies to fill these positions.  I will NOT go through a staffing agency.  It basically means that for 90 days, you will be scrutinized beyond what “direct hires” are to the point of possibly losing your job with no notice.  This happened to me in the past and I will not do it again.  I guess I only have one option.

It is time to go back to school.  My plan is to stay at my current job (if I don’t point out first being sick all the time) and finish my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting.  It’s a start and it’s a good one because I already have over half of the classes needed.  Why am I not relieved?

I don’t really like going to school.  I love doing the actual work but I dread dealing with the “professors”.  Especially in this small town.  Many of them get their jollies off on some kind of power trip because they’re teaching other adults.  It always seemed weird to me to be so arrogantly proud of this that you would actually do a poor job of teaching, but whatever floats your boat.

Also, I’m praying I can handle the extra load.  I did OK when I was going to school full time online.  I am going to shoot for going to an in person classroom this time so that I can do less work.  That’s right, online classes are a lot more work because you have to prove to the teacher that you’re doing the work and reading the books.  This means answering more, in-depth questions and fulfilling more assignments.  At an in person classroom, the teacher counts your attendance as part of your grade.. so that should help.

Problem?  I may have to go to third shift in order to allow my schedule to meet that of the class room’s.  I’m OK with this, as long as I get out of the factory for good after I graduate.  My brother suggested becoming a CNA now so that I could more easily transition into a Medical Assistant.  It would make me more “hire-able” because I’ve been working in a medical setting.  I have been a Housekeeper at a hospital, but most places don’t count that.

Most places do not realize that as a Housekeeper, you have to respond to not only the patients and visitors in a cordial and helpful manner, but all the staff as well.  Afterall, all the other staff are your customers too.  It sucks to actually have to do it sometimes (though there are some great people that didn’t treat like a “maid”), and it sucks even worse when hiring personnel do not give you credit for it.  C’est la vie, I suppose.

The issue with becoming a CNA for a while is that it pays significantly less.. like two dollars less an hour.  I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.

So the plan is as follows: Stay where I’m at but go to school to get the hell out of there.  I may have to wait until next Fall to register (as classes aren’t available until then), but I’m going to do it!  Wish me luck because there is limited space in the classrooms!



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