Word Play: Effervescent

Miss Cookie has created a blog called “Word Play for Today” in which she gives out words that other bloggers are to use in their writing, usually in a unique way.  Today’s word is effervescent.  I chose to use a variation of the word.  Let’s have a go!


It was Autumn in the Ye Olde Timey Towne and that meant one thing: kite flying.  Lovely blankets of clouds would roll through the town, covering the entire population from the sun and providing the perfect winds for flying kites.  Most people did not mind the light sprinkles that took place now and again, they came out anyway.  It was just a few at first, they seemed bold and timid all at the same time.  They would show up at parks or in tilled up fields.  They would have brightly colored kites and get them to fly high in the sky, seeming to puncture the blanket of clouds.  All the while, the kite flier would be looking about as if to ask, “Am I the only one out here?”  Soon, a few others would appear.  Some would have small kites that did not seem to want to stay off the soggy ground long.  Others would have intricate kites that looked more like sculptures.  It seemed a defiance of gravity that they could fly at all.

Eventually, droves of people were outside either flying kites or standing about and talking.  They all seemed mesmerized by the kites and would stop talking mid sentence to look up and stare at the bold colors that contrasted the dim sky.  Nobody seemed to mind the rains that would come and soak them, dripping off their skin.  The adults were smiling and subdued.  The children were excited and bursted into shrill laughter at the thought of chasing the kites about.

Vendors would set up booths and the smell of apple cider and thick, juicy burgers would effervesce around as well as the kites themselves.  Picnic tables and camping chairs found their way out and a nestled group of camping enthusiasts would set up a group of tents.  People would come from small towns nearby to gawk at the spectacle.  Not so much at the fact that people were gathering, or for such a strange reason, but that it was done with no planning – as if everyone suddenly felt the need to be outside flying kites.

Just as it began, so it would end.  A few would retire back to the safety of their warm homes, going back to the routine of mundane life.  Vendors would start to pack up and head back to their stores.  The campers disappeared – no one knows where to.  The only one left would be the one that started it all.  He would stand out and fly his kite amid the trash and debris that was once a jovial festival.  Now, he was alone.  He would stand until the blanket of clouds melted away, as if they had never been there.  The whole town would go about its business and no one would remember the kites.  No one knew where they went to.  They just disappeared.  Until next year, when the blanket of Autumn clouds rolled back in and they suddenly made another appearance.  Until next year.

© Chelsea Roush. Unauthorized redistribution and/or reproduction is prohibited.


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