Word Play: Boisterous

Okay folks, Miss Cookie’s word play of the day is Boisterous.  This is another story that had been rolling around in the back of my mind during work.  It’s just a vague idea so far, let’s flesh it out!

Jimmy wiggled his toes into the warm, green grass.  He loved being outside.  He stared up at the sun and smiled, his freckles crinkling on his cheeks.  He inhaled the warm air and looked around. He loved being outside in his back yard: it became entire new worlds.  Sometimes he was on the moon, saving the planet from an onslaught of green aliens that could only be damaged with “magic crystals” (aka, salt).  Yesterday, he was a famous archeologist digging up dinosaur bones only to stumble upon the mysteries of the Universe.

Today… Jimmy looked around for clues.  What could he be today?  He saw his race car and frowned.  He was tired of being a race car driver and he got in trouble the last time he tried to be a stunt car driver.  He rubbed the bruises on his right elbow.  His Mom got pretty upset when he jumped from the top branch of the tree, even though he was really riding the largest ramp in the world.  She said that Jimmy was always a little too boisterous for his own good.  Jimmy sighed.  He didn’t think he was too boystrust. He needed something fun that wouldn’t get him into a lot of trouble.  If he got grounded then he couldn’t play outdoors again.  Jimmy wandered around the yard, coming close to the wooden fence that encircled it.  He put his hand up to the fence and peeked through one of the tiny holes that time and weather had created.  It was the neighbor’s yard.

Their yard was immaculate.  Jimmy’s mom would often comment about it, saying how she wished her yard looked so pretty.  She wanted rose bushes and stoned walkways.  She would always look at Jimmy and sigh when she said this.  She was stuck with a yard that was littered with toys and had patchy areas of crab grass.  Jimmy was too young to understand this so he usually just smiled back at his Mom’s agitated looks, which usually saved the day.

Today though.. there was something different about the neighbor’s yard.  The bushes near the house looked squashed down, as if someone had walked all over them.  Mom would be really upset if those were her flowers.  Jimmy went back to his yard and kept looking for a toy to play with.  He spotted his old plastic airplane and picked it up, flecking the dried mud off of it.  It’d been a while since he’d played with it.  He decided to try it out.

Thrusting the plane through the air, Jimmy made engine sounds.  He tried to imagine himself in the cockpit, flying a jet airplane for the ARMY.  He was the best and only pilot that could save the day.  He made arcs with his arms in the shape of eights, flying the plane in upside down and sideways.  Only Jimmy the Ace could fly a plane as high into the sky as they needed to go and not lose control of the plane.  He went up, up, up… Oh no!  Jimmy looked down.  He was in the tree again.

He looked around to make sure his mom didn’t see him.  She wasn’t at the kitchen window.  He sighed relief and leaned back against the trunk of the tree.  It was kind of nice off the ground.  He glanced around the neighborhood from his new viewpoint.  He looked back over to his neighbor’s yard – the window was broken.  The window above the squashed rose bushes had broken glass strewn everywhere.  Jimmy leaned closer to his neighbor’s yard.  He could see the glittering glass in the rose bushes.. see the torn curtains blowing in the wind.

“Jimmy Allen Brown!”  Oh.. No…  Jimmy whipped his head around and saw his mother standing at the back door.  “Get down from that tree this instant!  How many times do you have to get hurt before you learn..” Jimmy stopped listening to exactly what his mother was saying, her tone was enough.  He started to find the safest way to climb down.  He found a good grip on a branch and his foot fit nicely into a hole in the trunk.  He could hear his mother yelling at him and asking if he was ok, it seemed all at the same time.  He started to climb down and then noticed the man coming out of his neighbor’s back door.  He was dressed in black, from head to toe.  Only his eyes showed, one of them blue and the other brown.  Jimmy thought he looked like a ninja.  The man didn’t see Jimmy, he closed the door behind him and walked across their yard.  He headed towards the alley and disappeared.  Jimmy’s mom started yelling again.

He started climbing down again and made it safely to the ground.  He was awaited with both a spanking and a hug, his mom angry he climbed the tree but glad he got down safely.  She picked him up and took him inside, telling him he was grounded and had to stay indoors for the next three days.  Jimmy sighed.  No more airplane rides.

Jimmy sat with in the living room for the next two days instead of playing outdoors.  His mom was busy around the house or was talking on the phone.  He flipped through the channels, trying to find something to watch that would hold his attention.  “Funny, fun time with Bumble the Bear..”  “Try this new product at home, free of risk!” “..found at the home were tramped bushes..”  “New toy with added stickers!”

Wait, Jimmy knew that house!  It was the one next door.  He flipped back to the channel and watched as they showed pictures of the trampled rose bushes and the broken window.  “An unknown assailant,” the newscaster began, “broke into the home through..” Jimmy remembered now.  He remembered the broken window and the man that walked into the alleyway..  he began to try to remember exactly what he looked like…

“Jimmy!”  He turned around to see his mom standing in the hall, her hands on her hips.  “What are you watching?  Only cartoons, buddy.”  She switched the channel back to cartoons and Jimmy sat in front of the tv, obediently.  He couldn’t wait to get back outdoors and play in the sunshine.  His thoughts went back to the airplane and the race car.  He was tired of his old toys.. maybe he could ask his mom for that new one.  Jimmy put his face in the palms of his hands and settled down to watch his cartoons.

© Chelsea Roush. Unauthorized redistribution and/or reproduction is prohibited.

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