I haven’t posted any short stories in what seems an eternity.  They still dance about in my mind, but I have been too physically ill to put them down on digital “paper”.  I will have a lot of catching up to do with Miss Cookie’s Word a Day when I finally start feeling better!  I am actually looking forward to it.

In other, less interesting news, I am sick.. again.  No wait, you have to get better in order to be sick again.  I am sick, still.  This time, however, things have taken a bit of a stronger blow.  I am actually running a fever!  I never run a fever because my body temperature is naturally lower than the average.  That is to say, I run a temperature but it doesn’t register as one in other people’s minds because it is still below 100, until today.  Today my body temperature is 101, which means that  I have a high temperature.  So on the list of things to do today is rest, drink lots of liquids, rest, and take medicine.

I have been battling this stalwart infection for a month now, trying to beat it with at home remedies.  The kicker is that I was almost successful, almost.  The three weeks worth of salt water gargles, steam treatments, sinus rinses, home made herbal teas, and pain relievers was making a good impact.  It just wasn’t enough.  I was symptom free for about a day and a half.. maybe two days.  I was happy about my new resolve to not miss anymore days at work.  Why would I need to?  I was getting better! And then it crashed down like an avalanche.

The body aches, headache, sinus pain and pressure, eye pain, ear pain, dizziness… all of it.  It all got suddenly worse.  Off to the doctor I go.  I don’t expect to see Santa coming through the snow for me this year.. I’d rather see a Pharmacist waving a bottle with my anti-biotics in it.  Screw my two front teeth, give me relief for Christmas!


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