The Monsters of Creativity

For the past several months, I’ve been working on writing short stories on my blog (this one) and writing longer stories that I hope to publish via ebook formatting.  I have been busy reading style guides, marketing guides, etc.  ( is a great site to self-publish a book.  You have to take a few extra steps to ensure your book is properly formatted for the ebook experience, but the work is well worth it.) I have also been reading up on copyright issues and all that legal jazz.  What I have found has disturbed me.  Apparently, there are individuals and actual companies that take advantage of the various forms of “free” content on the Internet.  They will actually scam some people into purchasing a database to this content where they can Frankenstein a book together and try to sell it on a site such as Smashwords.  I am not condoning this behavior, I am appaled by it.  If anyone tries to do this, they do end up being banned from self-publishing sites with any self worth.
For more information on this, visit WriterBeware!

That is just one aspect of writing my book.  I had planned on keeping up a blog that was purely short stories as a sort of advertisement for the longer stories that I would write.  Now, I am unsure if this is a good idea or not.  I try to put a © symbol at the end of each story so that people are aware the content is not “up for grabs”, but I still worry.  I do not like the idea of Creative Commons Licensing because it would allow distribution that I would be unaware of.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that my stories are so great and wonderful that someone is just waiting to find a way to make money off of them.  I know that people are trying to make money off of every small piece of drivel they come across.  Thus, my worry.

Last of all, procrastination.  Ah, my dear friend, we meet again.  Did we ever truly part?  I am currently experiencing procrastination on a level that is far different than anything in the recent past.  Unemployment and poor health have lead to a sort of Depressive procrastination where one does not think, “I can do it tomorrow.”  Rather, one thinks, “…”  Yes, the space filling the gap between my ears has gone more quiet than is good for someone wanting to begin a career that involves any form of thinking.  I wonder if perhaps I have chosen a bad time?  But then, isn’t everytime a bad time?

I suppose that leads us to a summary.  I guess the monsters to creativity are greed (from both myself and others), worry, and procrastination.  I can see them all dancing gleefully about in what is left of my brain, making sure to trounce on the last remaining braincells.  Only then would they truly be successful in their endeavors.  To the monster’s ball!


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