Disgruntled in America

If you do not want to read about my personal beliefs towards politics, do not read ahead. You have been warned.


I feel at a conflicting standstill when it comes to thinking about politics and those who choose to run for public office in general.  I realize that I hold double standards for those who are in office, but I believe that if I were to ever hold such a position that these same standards would be duly afflicted onto me as well.  Therefor, I don’t really feel so badly about it.

First of all, I have an issue with people in public office who seem to project their personal belief systems onto the people they are supposed to be representing.  When this happens, I feel, they are no longer representatives, they are dictators.  Some might think that is a strong word, but stop to think: If a person is not representing what the people need, they are then trying to dictate what people need.  So I feel that is a fair assessment.

This can be said for things ranging from religious beliefs of law makers effecting how they are willing to make laws for things like abortion, gay rights, etc.. to something more tangent as taking a large paycheck when so many Americans today are suffering below the poverty line.  I remember reading about this strange group in my elementary history books.. they didn’t get paid to sit around and debate about how to make America a better place to live for the people.  They did it for free, because they cared and because they wanted to.  It is sad that we have come to such a reversal in situation where our public leaders are now paid exorbitant amounts of money and even given raises while to rest of the population suffers.

I know, I know.  I’m beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist. The problem is, this isn’t theory.  It is being practiced everyday and we are letting it happen.  We the People, who are supposed to be the ones with the ability to say what is best for us, have lost our voice. In that sense, we are slipping backwards in so many ways and in such a speedy fashion that I often wonder if it would not be best to move to another country altogether.

Therein lies another double standard.  I see for myself an easy way out and am willing to take it but this country was not built on easy.  It took sweat, blood, and tears to get us to a place where we are not being ruled by oppressive leaders who have nothing in mind but their own selfish desires.  It seems were are getting back to square one rather quickly, only this time the leaders are “American” so we seem to be turning a blind eye.

This situation in its entirety never gets addressed in a manner that encourages people to actually use the system to make said system better.  Rather, it is marginalized and hyperboled into some dramatic scene for political “news” stations to get good ratings.  We the people have become consumerists and our political affairs are not safe from our avarice.  We seem to demand the over the top flair in order to entertain us and, at the same time, distract us from where this country is really headed.  It often makes me think of how many people will be surprised when our country finally takes that final turn for the worst.  How many people will say, “I never saw it coming.”  Which is odd because they watched it on TV and the Internet all day long, for years.

Having these strong feelings and opinions sort of magnifies the oppression I feel when I read about how well other countries are doing when it comes to things such as social liberty, sustainable energy, and fair rights for all.  Countries like Sweden, where they are currently working on becoming completely energy sufficient.  Or Iceland, who, when their banks caused the same kind of economic catastrophe our banks did to us, put the banks in jail instead of giving them bail outs.  Iceland’s economy recovered very quickly, ours is still hanging onto that fiscal cliff.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling more like “1984” and less like Eden.  You can buy a Big Mac here for a few dollars, but don’t expect to actually be able to use those so called rights of yours.


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