Movie Review: “Horrible Bosses”

Is it fair to write a movie review for a movie you did not watch all of?  Yea, I could not bring myself to sit through all of this movie.  I found the immature behavior exhibited by the three main characters to be seriously lacking in entertainment.  It’s just not funny for me to watch a grown man who has low self esteem due to circumstances in his life get picked on by two of his so called “friends”.  I also found the behavior of the so called bosses to be extreme and just plain stupid.  Which is pretty much what I thought of the movie.  Stupid.

I was watching it with a couple of other people and expressed my opinion in a subtle way by telling them that I didn’t think the movie was for me.  I was kind of shocked when they said they were really liking it.  I guess I’m just weird.

The movie itself reminded me of those over the top After School Specials that were obviously trying to make a very specific point about something or someone.  The fact that the employees were being treated badly by their bosses was beat into the ground as if the writers were trying to dig to China.  “Can we still keep going?”  I imagined them saying.  “Sure why not?  Just keep pointing out how horrible the bosses are even though the so called “friends” treat eachother the same way.”  “Roger Wilco.”  I imagined this Afternoon School Special would end with that ever important tip at the end: “And remember kids, when your bosses are mean just try to kill them.  Don’t have any form of common sense or self respect about the situation.”

So Horrible Bosses was actually a Horrible Movie.  Kevin Spacey’s rendition of a greedy, overbearing bastard came across to me as though a SWAT team should have surrounded his house or his wife should have at least called the Police on Domestic Disturbance.  Jennifer Ansiton came across as such an overwhelming slut that I found it rather sickening.  Last of all, I couldn’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to do anything Bobby Pellitt said.  I would have told him to fire the people himself or walked out with the other two.  Self decency, people.

As the movie came to the point where the so called “friends” were doing their assassination attempts for the first time (I’m assuming it was the first time because they were so bad at it), I made an excuse to leave and quickly headed for the door.  I think that next time a good action flick will suffice.

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