The Flood of 2013?


It’s cold outside and snow has softly blanketed everything. We’ve been enduring subzero temperatures for over a week now.  Although the temperatures are due to increase, the precipitation is supposed to continue.  This means rain on top of melting snow and on frozen grounds.  This is what happened to Ye Olde Timey Towne of the MidWest last February.  We had a major flash flood.  Will we have another next week?  I’m thinking it is likely.  Apparently, I’m not alone in this thinking.  Those who have the misfortune of living alongside the river of our tiny town have already put up sandbags.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the river was not basically the dumping ground for all the Northern Counties’ rivers.  So we will not only have our own melting snow and rain to deal with, but that of all of the Northern State as well.  I’m thinking we should have invested in that canoe afterall..


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