Movie Review: Contagion

WARNING: Mild spoiler alert.


I watched the movie “Contagion” (Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Jennifer Ehle) last night with Hubby.  I liked it, for the most part, and found it to be a satisfying psycho-thriller about disease, fear, and how our sociopolitical worlds respond to such things.  Hubby said he thought it was filled with action and drama in the beginning and then kind of “petered-off”.  I’d have to agree with him.

Despite that, I found it an interesting look at how we respond both individually and as different societies to such catastrophes.  The character development was subtle, so if you need someone to hit you over the head with their character descriptions, this is not the film for you.  However, there was plenty of “on the edge of your seat” goodness throughout 3/4 of the film.  The end pretty much wrapped up loose ends of the storyline.

One great thing about this film was that it was not lacking in the humor department.  There were several lines that were witty observations about certain circumstances as well as an overall feel of dark humor about the grim realities of catastrophes.  My favorite line is when the United States Government approaches the head of the Centers for Disease Control with a concern that someone may have weaponized the bird flu.  “There’s no need for anyone to weaponize the bird flu,” responds the CDC head, “the birds are already doing that.”

Along with humor, there was some gore.  It was not truly blood and guts, it was more hard hitting realism that death happens and certain procedures overtake our sensitivities towards death.

If you’re looking for a fast paced, action flick that has gore, sex, and violence.. this is not the film for you.  If you want to spend nearly two hours taking an edgy and somewhat humorous glimpse into the sociopolitical world of catastrophe.. this is a right fit.


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