Purpose from the Hardwire

So I got desperate and I actually Googled “purpose of life”.  I wasn’t sure what would show up, I was just bored.. and a little desperate.  I was still kind of dismayed by the results, however.  One site claims they can help you find your purpose in 20 minutes!  That’s less time than it takes to cook supper.  This is what irks me about the American/Generational/Insert other overly-simplified category HERE society as of now. They must have it right now! No waiting. Nevermind that it takes a lot of time and experiences to determine who you are and where your life as a whole is headed.  Nah, forget all that. This site can feed you a bunch of bologna that people (cough – like me – cough) will eat right up and actually depend upon for making life decisions.  Well, not entirely like me. I guess I knew better than to click on that particular link.

I got the expected “our religion/spiritual thinking can help” kind of sites.  I know that religion, philosophy, etc. can help people to gain a different viewpoint in order to start making decisions, but it’s not really fair to promise someone or expect them to use your specific rules as their own for making life decisions. It’s too group consciousness for me. I’d like to be able to have my own opinions and experience without first checking to make sure it’s ok.  Blah.

Then there were sites that promised “profound and life changing information” if you paid a price, or gave up your personal details, or etc etc etc.  There is always someone out there looking to make a buck on other people’s misfortunes.  I guess I learned that very well yesterday when someone ran off with my money.  I find these sites are similar to that creepy neighbor that is always willing to help you out if he can get into contact with you and make suggestive comments.  Uh, no thank you. I don’t feel like pimping my Depression out at this moment.

Of course, a lot of sites (and book, magazines, television shows, etc) offer tips and tricks on finding your purpose in this world.  This is kind of a multi-faceted issue.  First, you again have people whose goal it is to make money (or they’d be helping you find your purpose for free).  Then, you have people who, again, are using specific rules as defined by religions, philosophies, or just plain groups of people.  Finally, you have the whole “ten easy steps” thing.  If finding your purpose was that easy, we’d all know it by now and no one would feel depressed, lonely, suicidal, etc.  I guess that one’s a no-go too.

Come to think of it, this actually did me some good.  I guess I know that I don’t like to follow the crowd, understand that obtaining the important things in life takes time, and that it does not take money.  All you need is an open mind, a caring heart, and the willingness to make time for the things that actually matter.  Well blow me down, I had no idea this whole Google thing would actually work.  I wonder what happens when I Google “how to make a million dollars” ?


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