Say it isn’t so..


I don’t usually post these, so why am I posting this one?  Because I can’t stand Catcher in the Rye!

The book is basically made up of choppy sentences with little obvious context and is about a boy who decides that he’s had enough of living within society’s norms, if he ever did at all.  It’s supposed to be a hard hitting, graphic novel about .. well, I don’t what about because I could not get past it!

Yes, this book is on my Wall Of Shame: Books I have not, and will never, finish.  On the wall are Wicked, any romance novel ever written, and the type of fantasy/sci-fi that my husband seems to find entertaining (Game of Thrones type deals).

So I wonder if this means that I cuss too much on my posts?  I don’t ever recall cussing a whole lot on here..  That is what made Catcher in the Rye so popular.  “Oh my gosh, you have to read this entire book because in one sentence they printed a bad word!”  Can’t I just read that one sentence, feign astonishment, and get on with my life?


2 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so..

  1. Apparently I write like Cory Doctorow… never heard of him. Then I ran it again with a different piece of writing and got Stephen King. Does Cory write like Stephen, or does Stephen write like Cory? hmmm


    • I ran some of Cory Doctorow’s work through it and it said he writes like H.P. Lovecraft. So does Stephen King write like H.P. Lovecraft? I think so 😉
      So glad you liked it though, it was pretty amusing!


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