Dos Anillos

I was inspired by the Opinionated Man’s post about why he wears two rings to write about my two rings as well. 


Sorry about the picture, the surface was super shiney so you get a look at my ceiling fan too.

On with the story!

Picture it: Christmas 2011, Family Christmas “unwrapping” event.

As is the custom, we go to my In-Laws for the annual unwrapping event.  We bring presents for them and whatever we have that is yummy and fun to share.  (We’ve been trying to talk them into just doing beer and pizza, but maybe next year.)

Then the time comes for everyone to sit around the living room, basking in the beautiful lit-up tree, and start passing out gifts.  I have to say that this is when I am most appreciably reminded about being apart of the family.  My Mother In Law works hard to ensure that “all her kids” get the same quantity and quality of gifts. It makes this time of year even more special.

I remember that we had opened our presents and were now digging into the stocking stuffers.  I was handed my stocking and began bringing out of it candies and knick knacks that are to my taste.  I love stocking stuffers because it’s a gift you get to enjoy NOW! I thought I was done with my stuffers until my MIL spoke up and said she thought there was one in the very bottom, at the toe.  “Oh goodie,” I thought as I dug my way to the toe of the stocking, “more yummy candy!”  I felt something hard and square and pulled out a ring box.  I opened it and inside was a simple silver ring with smaller crystals around the middle. I looked at my then boyfriend and he said, “I’m sorry, Babe.. it was all I could afford.” I smiled, put it on and hugged him saying, “It’s perfect, I love it.” At that moment he looked into my eyes and said, “Then you’re really going to love the real ring.” He pulled another box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.  It was perfect.

It was no easy feat, let me tell you.  First of all, I’m allergic to all kinds of weird things: cloth that isn’t cotton, precious metals, and heavy duty pain killers.  Okay, that last one might not be weird but it’s all I could think of to make three of something.  At any rate, my then boyfriend had to search high and low for a ring that was a) pretty, b) not made of gold, and c) could withstand the torment I give to just about any object I own.  He found a steel ring with gold accents on top, where it doesn’t touch my skin.  I think it’s called Black Hills Gold.  It’s gorgeous. 

On top of this daunting task, my now Husband didn’t know my ring size!  He thought he was clever sneaking into my ring stash and taking just one out.  Little did he know that he took my favorite one!  I asked him for weeks where it was, who was in the house that might have stolen it, wondering if I had lost it at work..  I had my suspicions but they were put to rest as time went by.  They were confirmed, however, on that wonderful Christmas Day.

I usually don’t wear both rings like the Opinionated Man does, but whenever I look at the ring on my finger, I know there’s another one tucked away in my jewelry box that holds a special story and a beautiful moment.


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