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I was inspired by An Opinionated Man’s entry, once more, to explore my own introversion a little bit.  I find there are various ways to do this – writing (I am currently into stream of consciousness writing), assessing my current situation in many ways (financial, career, social, etc.), or by taking accurate and well measured personality tests. 

I was first introduced to the Myers-Briggs personality test when I was younger and my then Psychiatrist wished to have more information about me. More on this later.  I remember taking other tests then as well, more geared towards psyche than personality.  I must say, I scored in such an unconventional way that it “concerned” my doctor, but he did not seem to address the topic ever again. I’m assuming he quickly learned that my unconventional thinking has nothing to do with any psychiatric disorder, it is just who I am. 

When I was older, I thought it would be a good idea to start College.  How else was I going to get ahead in the world? Yes, unfortunately, I bought into the categorized education MeMe.  I regret a great deal about this particular stint; I wish I would have done more research on other colleges and their fees, I wish that the professors at this particular college were a little more educationally-oriented, and I truly wish that I had stuck it out and finished my degree anyways.  For reasons beyond my control (or so I like to tell myself), I dropped out only need a few more classes to finish.  It was High School all over again.

Despite this seemingly negative experience, I did learn a great deal.  I am glad I went to College and retained the more important lessons that helped to expand my viewpoint on humanity.  One of the things I remember most is taking the Myers-Briggs personality test.  I remember that the particular professor who was running this class had us all take the test and then share our results on an online forum.  I was surprised.

People were accepting.  There was no (or very little of) the attitude that if someone scored a result that was more socially acceptable, then they were the “winner” or “better” somehow.  Everyone seemed interested in exploring the different personality types and asking a lot of questions about how the types that were different from their own responded to specific situations.  It was a true learning experience that did not involve a text book.  It was awesome.

Since then, I’ve retaken the test a few times just to see what’s going on; to assist in self-evaluation perhaps.  I always get the “I” for Introverted.  Always.  Some of the other things change and I often get a double result meaning that the test is saying I could be INFJ or INTP.  It couldn’t decide because I scored so closely on some questions.  I prefer to get one result, but having the split mind that I do, I usually get two.


Where does all this get me? Here and now.  I was reading yet another one of the Opinionated Man’s blog entries and I decided to try and take the MB test again.  I was not surprised by the results: INFJ.  It’s consistent, at least.

INFJ stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging.  For more information on what that actually means, HERE is a link. As I have been recently unemployed (again), I have been doing a lot of soul searching about the types of jobs that would fit me the best.  What job would I stick it out at even when coworkers, managers, and customers were being downright inhumane?  The great thing is that the humanetrics site has you covered.  They offer a look at the careers that would best fit specific personality types.  Mine is HERE. The great thing is that most of these jobs are the ones I’ve been considering.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy retail because I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life; I get to behave in a positive way that, hopefully, positively impacts the customers.  However, it gets old fast.  I think a job that is more introverted would more appropriate. 

On this note, I have been working at learning computer coding. It stands to reason that with the personality type INFJ, I am often at odds with myself.  I would love a job where I didn’t have to interact with others (Introverted), but I would begin to feel that I was not having a positive impact on the lives of others as well (NFJ).  I keep coming back to Human Resources oriented jobs where I can be involved in Candidate Care and help to make life better for employees and employers alike.  Until I am able to finish my HR degree, however, I think a little down time with some computer oriented work will be much appreciated. 

Then again, I have always loved healthcare (both physical and mental) and have often weighed a degree in Nursing or Psychology/Sociology.  I hope I’m able to somehow combine all of my interests into a career where I can do the most good for others and myself.  Only time will tell if I possess the necessary willpower, dedication, and self-motivation.  In all honesty, I seem to be running short on those as of late.  Cross your fingers.


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