A Lazy Summer Day

I seem to be lazier than usual as of late.  It could be the oppressing heat and humidity, the lack of employment, or the limited human contact I currently have.  At any rate, I’ve been doing a lot of the following: playing video games, watching cartoons, daydreaming, napping, and well.. just piddling around the house. I should be doing more resume making, housework, and getting out and about.. but you know how it is.  I find that when I’m feeling unproductive the fastest fix is to doodle. You start with a blank piece of paper, a pencil and in a few minutes, wow!  Look what I just did! I actually did something today. Go me!

Alright, so as sad as all of this sounds it still stands to rest that I love to doodle. It is a great little pick-me-up, even if the pictures don’t turn out all that great.  Gotta love the creative process!



Is it a cat? Is it a dog? No! It’s CatDog! I have no idea. I just wanted to share my doodle of purposefulness!  Ok, back to being a couch potato.


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