Today I did a workout from FitnessBlender.com.  Let me just say that I have had poor success with consistent workout routines.  I had a good stretch a couple years ago where I lost weight, gained energy, and built muscle.  Since then, I’ve never been able to “push” myself to workout on a regular basis.  The thing that holds me back is that there seems to be little purpose in the typical workout. I’m not doing anything but moving; I’m not accomplishing anything like gardening, building, or anything else.

I am going to try FitnessBlender, though.  I like that it shows a calorie bar on the side of the screen.  This bar increases as you work out to give your mind a visual representation of the calories you may be burning. I am aware that the calorie bar is showing the calories being burned by the lady in the workout video. I also know that this may differ greatly from my own calorie burn.. uh.. burnage.  However, it acts as a visual reinforcement for me to continue working out.  Look, I am accomplishing something!

The other thing I like is the guy talking while the workout is being done.  He gives encouragement (“Push yourself, you’re almost done!”), information on how the current exercise is helping you build muscle/burn calories, and he gives you alternatives to the current workout in case you just haven’t built up the strength yet.  I don’t feel bad about having to stop and take a breather in the middle of the workouts.  I feel like that’s alright, because I’m just starting and haven’t built up my strength yet.  I know that when I do build it up, I will enjoy doing the workouts as they were originally designed.

I’ve also realized something else: working out is my frenemy.  It’s my best friend and my enemy.  I’ve had Frenemy relationships in the past and I’ve learned to make the most of them.  The important thing is that I have experience with this situation, so I know what to do.  Here’s  a run down:

Starting the workout: “I can so do this, it looks so easy, I’m gonna be awesome!”

A little ways into the workout: “Umm, this is a little harder than I thought. I’ll just slow down a little bit and be alright.”

Half way through the workout: “You bleepin son of a bleep.  You suck! How can you do that? Uhhh..”

At the end of the workout when I’m drowning in sweat and unbearable body heat: “I.. will.. not.. give.. up.. *collapse*”

After the workout: “Death.. is.. a.. reprieve.. Sweet mercy.”

After the shower following the workout: “Dude, I feel so awesome! Why don’t I workout more?”

The next day: “Legs are jello.  Can’t . . move.”

Yea so it’s a love-hate relationship and I’m cool with that.


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