Just Another Day..

..in Ye Olde Timey Towne.

Hubby and I decided it was time for a change, so we did some major Spring cleaning. I mean major.  We tore the bedroom apart, first, and holy crap! I think we killed a sprawling dust bunny metropolis. Under the bed, no less. The room itself just feels cleaner now and falling asleep is less of an allergy-induced nightmare. Ahh.

It was such a hit, that we decided to Spring clean the living room. Again, this was a major cleaning. I think we mopped the floor five or six times and you still can’t tell, but! We did completely revamp the place. It’s amazing how moving furniture around can make such a huge difference and now you can actually walk around. Wow! In the process, we discovered some old particle board .. uh.. boards from a bookcase a few years ago.  Now, I’m not sure if this is a testament to how poorly mass produced craftsmanship has become, or a reflection of how little books are used now-a-days, but said bookcase did not last long because we put books on it. That’s right, we used it for its intended purpose so it broke. Granted, we have quite a few heavy books.. but still. It’s a bookcase for crying out loud. I could understand if it was something like a tower of milk crates.. but it was designed and built to hold books.

I digress. We found the particle board boards from this bookcase and decided to try and upcycle them into two, small computer tower shelving units. The plans were sound, the brackets and screws were new, and the appreciatively loaned tools worked great. It should have come as no surprise to us when things did not go as planned, however, because these boards have already fallen apart. I guess we never learn.

Did I mention that we had to paint them, first? Before we discovered (again) that the boards were useless and couldn’t even hold up their own weight let alone anything else, we painted them for prep.  Even that one backfired. I present to you Exhibit A:


Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “Why did you keep spraying with the paint if you saw it was getting on your fingers?” Because I am stupid, that is why. You see, the nozzle was defective and it was not only leaking paint, but also a vast amount of compressed air. This made it difficult to actually paint the boards and froze my index finger in the process. AGAIN.. an object that is created for a specific purpose that cannot perform said purpose. For shame. And just in case you missed how much this pissed me off, I present to you Exhibit B:


I figured I could get away with that picture because my finger is the same color as my hoodie. And no, I am not wearing a peach colored hoodie.  At least you can’t tell that I pretty much got a fine mist of paint all over my clothes, shoes, and self. Clean up wasn’t the most pleasant thing I have ever been through, but it gave me some amusing pictures.

The day wasn’t a total loss. While helping the Mom-In-Law with yard work, Hubby and I found a really neat creature:


This little guy was about the size of a quarter and was almost stepped on by us. I’m sure he would have survived with that tough shell, but we put him someplace where he wouldn’t be bird food: in the pond. He promptly ran down a snake hole on the edge.. so at least he won’t be bird food, right? Unless one of the herons eats him.. Well, at least we didn’t step on him.

We finished up our weekend by finding out that our car has officially taken a crap on us. Walking all over town to get groceries and price other cars has been quite a workout. Poor Hubby has to find a car tomorrow and I hope it works out because he works about 20 miles away. We have a bike but let’s be reasonable: If walking 5 miles in one day makes us feel like extras on The Walking Dead, I think a 40 mile round trip bicycle excursion will actually kill us.  So, another car it is. Stay tuned because I have a feeling that the ball of bad luck has just started rolling. Ah well, at least we’ll get some good pictures out of it.


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