I’ve had enough..

..of being an adult. So, I’m going back to being a toddler. Not in the “my body doesn’t want to work right” way, either. It’s my imagination and I’m calling the shots!

Step One: Use your imagination. We’re already doing that but let’s go through this one anyways. Remember when you were a toddler? No? Yes? It doesn’t really matter because we’ve all interacted with or seen toddlers at some point in our lives. They are wonderfully creative and imaginative because they don’t know anything yet. They have yet to learn how to read, write, and how science makes the world go round.  If they don’t know an answer to a question (and they have plenty of them if their verbal skills are good) then they ask Mommy. If Mommy doesn’t know or is too busy getting rid of her headache with a glass of wine.. they make it up. That’s right folks, they make it up. So that’s what we are going to do! We’re going to be politicians for awhile and make shit up.

Fun time all the time!

Fun time all the time!

Step Two: Foggetabbotit. Forget about all of it. There’s no such thing as deadlines. Responsibility? What’s that? Everything just magically appears when we throw a tantrum for it. It’s kind of like being Naomi Campbell for a day. Is it taking too long for something to be handed to you? Hit a camera man!  Well, don’t really but, you know what I mean.



Step Three: Focus on the important stuff. We’re talking basics: sleeping, eating, and pooping. That’s it. And hey! If you don’t do any of these things the “right” way, no big deal! Someone else will clean up the mess for you. It’s like having Housekeeping on speed dial.

And finally Step Eight. Remember, we are toddlers now so we don’t know how to count properly! Come to think of it.. if I’m a toddler now than how am I typing this? aldg9w0dhag.kcmalsoeuta;sdgj


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