Learning is Fun, afterall.

Hubby and I have been taking online computer courses/lectures via ITProTV.  You have to pay but the set up is much better than the other paid/free alternatives that we have researched.  The thing of it is, Hubby and I are interested in different aspects of the Computer Sciences. He is learning more towards networking and security. His ideal job is one where he climbs through spaces to physically install or work on networked servers and the like.  Me? Well, I’d rather sit at a computer all day and do my work. I guess I’m more interested in the actual programming of the computers themselves, or of websites and applications.

The thing of it is, an A+ certification would greatly help both of these endeavors. That is why (you guessed it), Hubby and I are both getting our certificates for A+.  I thought it would be easy and boring because I already know a little bit about computers. Boy was I wrong! I only know an iota.  And this is why I’m excited.

I was having a difficult time following the lectures because they seemed to drag on. They go in-depth in certain lectures, but others are just summaries with too much jargon, lots of joking around and reminiscing, and not enough retainable information.  Enter the Interwebs.

I’ve been looking up a lot of the jargon that the teachers have been using, and oh my! There is  so much to learn! I am currently learning about Memory and Memory Controllers.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too.. “Wikipedia isn’t a verifiably credible source.”  I know, but it’s a good start. It is giving me a reference point to other websites and books that are credible. And boy is it a lot of information!  I am loving it.

Initially, Hubby and I thought it wouldn’t take long to get each certificate. He’s going back for networking/security and the programming that relates to this. I want to do other types of programming and actual design.  I think this may take longer than we expected, but it’s going to be lots of fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s going to be bang-your-head-on-the-keyboard kind of frustrating as well. But when it’s not, it’s fun.


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