That’s what I think when I see an over-sexualized picture of anyone. Yes, even men. I get tired of this whole “women shouldn’t be viewed as sex objects” thing because they are singling out one gender. In all honesty, people shouldn’t be sexually objectified because it causes a whole host of social, cultural, and psychological issues. I know, I know.. I am one inch away from opening a giant can of soap-box ridden worms. Fret not, I will not open that .. today. 

I could get into how the whole porn industry has effected people.. blah blah blah.. but I probably have unpopular viewpoints on that one and I really don’t feel like explaining it right now.

Instead, I just want to ask you all something: Is there something wrong with me? Seriously.  I see all these pictures of guys that are super muscular, a small towel covering their nether regions, and water dripping down their bodies and I can only think of one thing: Does he have a mind? Does he have a sense of humor? Because it sure doesn’t look like it.

I guess I have a small amount of chauvinism in me because I have a tendency to jump to derogatory assumptions about over sexualized individuals.  Whenever I see one of those weird Armani cologne commercials, I think, “Shut your mouth and get me another beer.”  Seriously. 
I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too, “Chelsea, you’re judging another human being based on their body type and that’s unfair.” And here’s where that nasty grey area comes in. I know it’s unfair but I feel that if people are purposefully over sexualizing themselves for acknowledgement and acceptance, that I have the right to judge them based on that. My thinking has always been that if you need sex hype to sell a product then it isn’t that good to begin with. I guess my feelings are the same about people.

If you need to show pictures of yourself half-naked and dripping in baby oil.. than I’m not going to respect you. That’s all there is to it. Show me a person with a great sense of humor, a curious mind, and a compassionate heart and I’ll be all over that.  Until then, shut your mouth and get me a beer.


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