Shoopity Doopity*

Yay, it’s birthday time!  I honestly did not expect anything for my birthday. This has nothing to do with the other people in my life or a lack of self-esteem.  Rather, I was raised in a strict religious environment that did not believe in birthdays. In fact, they didn’t believe in celebrating any holiday except The Passover. Can you guess which religion it was? I’ll give you one hundred and forty four thousand guesses..

It's the Anti Cake

No cake for you!

At any rate, I am accustomed to my birthday being just another day.  I used to work hard to squelch any form of pride or excitement I felt for that day, again because of my upbringing. This year, I did not feel guilty but I did not feel excited about it either.  That is, until people started saying, “Happy Birthday.”  At work, they post the birthdays for the month, something I completely forgot about in the recent monsoon of stress.  A few coworkers wished me a happy birthday and asked me what I wanted.  I was a deer in the headlights.  “Oh, I forgot to ask the office to not post my birthday,” I responded.  This is not the answer they wanted. They looked at me as if I was a freak of nature and then walked away.

Birthday confusion

Wait.. No.. I.. Uhh..


I continued going about my days and telling Hubby the truth: All I wanted for my birthday was to spend time with him. I am lucky to have a loving husband and to be apart of his wonderful family.  Cards, well wishes, and presents made me realize that it is important to celebrate having someone in your life.  These things may seem trivial when you stop and look at it. “Isn’t all of this just a marketing ploy so companies can profit?” you may ask.  Yes, greeting card, jewelry, and chocolate companies are cashing in. But that does not degrade the importance in any way.  These traditional tokens of appreciation have made me realize just how important it is to tell people how much you appreciate them.

**Warning!** Waxing philosophical zone ahead.  Wax on, wax off.

Our lives pass by so quickly and can be full of a great deal of stress.  It is necessary to have a day where everyone shows you how much they care and just how important you are in the world. Lately I’ve started to feel like I am just a way for other people to cash in: at work dealing with unnecessary but unavoidable stressors, as well as at home dealing with an uncaring landlord.  Is making money and getting ahead the only way to have happiness and success in this place? Is it worth walking all over other people to attain this? Big Fat Nope.  Having a day where people reminded me how much I was appreciated made me realize something: being is enough. It sucks to have bills piling high.  It sucks to live in a world where monetizing things is the big goal. It sucks that people take advantage of eachother for this.  But the things that don’t suck, the things that are absolutely wonderful, are the people that make it all better.  Thanks people. You rock!



*This phrase is from my friend, M.  Thanks M for being an awesome you 🙂


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