I don’t think I have much currency left..

I saw a trailer for a new game called “Escape Dead Island”.  To me, it looks like a guy who can’t wake up from a dream and you have to escape it.  It reminds me of a cross between Myst and Grand Theft Auto.  As I was watching the video clip, I said aloud, “But I didn’t order a pink bathtub.”  My confused husband looked over at me from the couch with a perplexed expression.  I made him watch the video. 

“This,” I said, “is what my sleep paralysis is like. I think I’m awake and am going about my day and suddenly, two delivery guys show up with a pink bathtub.”

“BAM! I’m awake,” I continued, “but still dreaming.  I go back to my daily schedule and suddenly I have a TV in the bathroom. That can’t be right.”

“BAM! I’m awake,” I continued, “but still dreaming.”

Of course, it isn’t always so pleasant. If I start to get anxious or panicky during the sleep paralysis, the demon door unlocks. You know the one.. that pesky door that you try to keep locked shut with everything in your mental/emotional arsenal.  The one where you worst fears collide with your subconscious in a bizarre and macabre fight-to-the-death.  Yea, that one. 

Waking up from that one takes all the strength I can muster. And music. For some reason, music helps drag me out of my dream state prison.  Crawling out of it is like trying to escape from Garbage Compactor 3263827 while it’s full of quick sand and Tremors.  Afterwards, I feel more exhausted than if I had just stayed awake. The most sucky thing about the whole situation is that once it happens, it tends to start occurring more regularly. 

“Oh ho ho!” My subconscious will rumble, “you thought this was going to be a one time deal? Oh no! It slices; it dices. I can give it to you for not one night, not two nights, but two whole weeks in a row!  To make the deal even better, I’m going to spice it up. I might come knocking tonight.. I might come knocking tomorrow night.  You just never know!”

“What a super deal!” my mind squeals as it hands over sanity currency.  I mean, come on! My mind is supposed to save that for the important stuff. Impulse buyer.



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