Lots o’ craft links!

I have a lot of craft projects going on at the moment.

  1. I have a pretty lace afghan that I’m making ala All Free Crochet.com.
  2. Another ripple styled afghan for myself that I am making with scraps of yarn from New Stitch A Day.com
  3. Headbands made from the broomstick stitch learned from Brittany on Youtube.  She’s a talker.
  4. Crocheted beaded bracelets from Yuli.com.
  5. A granny square afgan that I started a couple years ago.  I forget where I found the pattern, but there are a bunch of free granny square patterns here at Crochet Pattern Central.
  6. A colorful scarf to match a winter coat that no longer fits me, done in the Smooth Wave Stitch.
  7. An unfinished scarf done in the Scale/Crocodile Stitch

On top of all this crochet, I have miscellaneous projects that need finished, as well.

  1. A winter wreath that I started a couple years ago.  I’m making one of my own, but here are some cool ideas from Craftionary.
  2. A summer wreath that never got started.  I haven’t even started on the felt flowers, yet. I think I got the idea from All Crafts flower section.
  3. Finish applying sissal rope to the cat tree  Hubby and his mom made the cat tree, but here is a great but simple one you can make at home from Instructables.
  4. Apply new sissal rope to the cat tree where I have already applied it because they’ve shredded it in a year.
  5. Finish reinforcing the cat hide out. I made this from oddly shaped boxes that I found at work. Unfortunately, the bottom box isn’t as sturdy as I was hoping, so I have another box to reinforce. Just have to do it. Martha Stewart has some tips on making your own cardboard cat house.
  6. Paint the mailbox using printed stencils and silver spray paint.  HERE are some crafty ways to jazz up ordinary items with stencils and spray paint.
  7. Make paintings to hang on the walls. I have a few ideas, but here are some great ideas to make Inspirational Wall Paintings.
  8. Paint the walls.
  9. Make matching pillows and runners for the couch
  10. Make floor rugs for the Kitchen, like these rag rugs.
  11. Make floor rugs for the living room, like these braided rugs.

The unfortunate thing is that I have a “craft corner” in the bedroom where all the supplies for my unfinished projects are stashed. “Craft corner” makes it sound so much more lovely than it really is. It is not a cute little corner in the room with a cute desk, organized drawer system, and bulletin boards with pictures of finished projects and patterns of current projects. Nope. It is a corner of the room where I have crammed my yarn, beads, felt, wreaths, fabric, etc.  I know it’s growing because I keep feeding it more supplies. Whether or not it is yet sentient is another question.



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