Warning: Craft Content

You have been warned!

Okay, I’m making this wonderful afghan called the Lace Ripple Afghan (click for link to free pattern).    It works up fairly quickly, with just two alternating patterns.  The good thing about this blanket is if you make a mistake, no one can tell.  It is easy to cover up one too many or one too few stitches, so this on is going on the “Favorites” list.

So far, I’ve got about one third of it done.  It’s taken me four months to get this far so I had better get cracking. If I had a job that didn’t require me to use my hands and wrists so much, I wouldn’t have to worry about the impact my hobbies had on them.  Alas, I have to pace myself for the sake of my wrists.

Here’s a Work In Progress photo:

Ripple Afghan

Lace Ripple Afghan

Aside from making large projects, I am also tinkering around with smaller ones.  Namely, bookmarks.  I’m not knitting or crocheting them, though I would love to eventually make some this way.  Rather, I am using simple paper.

I got the lovely pattern off of WikiHow: Corner Munch Bookmarks (click for link).        I have made several versions, from basic ones with just stickers, full out character recreations.  My favorite ones, thus far, are Oscar the Grouch and SpongeBob Squarepants.  I want to redo them both with a few adjustments, but I still like them 🙂


First, SpongeBob Squarepants:

Sponge Bob Bookmark

Sponge Bob Corner Munch

Sponge Bob Bookmark Tip

Sponge Bob Bookmark Tip


Next, Oscar the Grouch:

Oscar Bookmark

Oscar the Grouch Bookmark

Oscare bookmark tip

Oscar the Grouch bookmark in use


I’ve also been working on some headbands, but that will have to wait until later!


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