Free Food

Hubby and I have been eating out a lot, lately. Probably more than we should, but for good reasons: stress, exhaustion, and overbearing heat.  That’s not what I’m talking about right now, though. I want to talk about our adventures eating out this past week, alone.

It started with some coupons that came in the mail. You know the kind, the glossy flier of perforated coupons and vibrant colors of sandwiches that look nothing like the real thing. I usually throw these in the burn/recycle pile immediately, but I had been feeling exhausted and thought I’d hold onto them.  For emergencies.. yea, emergencies.  Anyways, an “emergency” hit the next day when we realized that it was too hot to turn the oven on to cook and that we were too tired to attempt cooking anyways.  I grabbed the coupons and we headed for the nearest, air-conditioned restaurant. Now, I won’t name this specific restaurant but I will give you a hint: grilled meat sandwich royal.  Got it? Good.

Logo Picture (BK)

Grilled Meat Sandwich Royal


So there we were at Grilled Meat Sandwich Royal with our coupons in one hand and our wallets in the other.  It was about an hour before I had to go to work, which was just a block away, so we weren’t too worried.  When the food took about 5 minutes, we weren’t overly concerned. When the 10 minute mark was passed, we started to get a little worried. But when the 15/20 minute mark was passed, I had to go to the counter and ask what time it was so I wouldn’t be late for work. I explained what was going on, in a polite way, and immediately got an apology and a refund. Yea, they refunded my money on the spot and then gave us our food.  Sweet! Free food is always a good thing.

Because of our excellent experience (the manager was really awesome), we decided to go back a couple days later. We had more coupons and it was still hotter than ever.  We didn’t expect to get a free meal, but we joked around about it with the manager and then took a seat. And waited. And waited. And waited.  I finally went up to the counter and asked the manager if our food was ready, again.. politely.  She looked at the screen, double-checked my receipt and demanded to know from her staff why my order had been “bumped off”.  She apologized, refunded my money, and gave me my food. For free. Again.  We didn’t complain.  We did go back the next day but had to pay because they got the order right, but we loved the service and will always go back despite the hiccups.

Ah, but the story does not end here. Nope.  Hubby and I decided to go to another restaurant yesterday.  A yummy pizza place with nice atmosphere and awesome unsweet iced tea. Yes, I drink my tea unsweet because I am a freak of nature.  Anyways, we sat down and looked over the menu.  Hubby wanted the smokey bbq pizza and I wanted the chicken Parmesan one so we went half-sies and got one on one side of the pizza and one on the other side. Except Hubby wanted pineapple added to his bbq side. No biggie. We sat and talked while our pizza was being made and then it was brought out.  Only.. the pineapple was on my half of the pizza. The waitress apologized, told us to keep the messed up one since they couldn’t do anything but throw it away, and went back to the kitchen to get us the right pizza. So we ended up with two pizzas for the price of one. Pretty awesome. Not to mention that the Parmesan side wasn’t too bad with pineapple so a win win all around.

Now, I’ve been berating myself and Hubby about spending too much money on eating out. I know, I know.. then why did I eat out so much? Well, it was poor decision making on my part, but the lucky circumstances have justified it in my mind. Now when I open the fridge and see the overly stuffed pizza box from yesterday, I smile knowing that we got way more than our money’s worth.  Free food is never something to beat yourself up about.


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