Gaming with Hubby

Hubby and I have been working on a few Savage Worlds campaigns for quite some time, now.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, Savage Worlds is a Role Playing Game – or RPG.  It’s along the same lines of Dungeons and Dragons in that it’s tabletop oriented. You play at a table either imagining the scenario or using miniatures to act it out.  You get a book that has the basic and complex guidelines and rules. From there, you create a world and situation that the characters are found and use set-up sheets to sort of map out the characters.  It can really be anything you want to come up with, as long as it follows the game mechanics set out in the rule book.  There are also a sort of extension books that can create these worlds for you, sometimes with twists the to basic rules.

There are many different types of RPGs out there – Dungeons and Dragons, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, etc.  Some are genre specific from the get go, basing the rules in a world of fantasy (vampires, zombies, etc) or sci fi (aliens, steampunk, etc.).  Hubby and I were working on a fantasy based world with different species and settings. However, he decided to switch gears over to something more sci-fi related.  Specifically, superoheroes and villains.  He and I spent a week or two coming up with possibilities for my viallanous character.

I started out wanting a villain character that had a split personality where one was female/magic based and the other was male/melee based.  But the character set up was complicated and Hubby didn’t know how everyone at the table would feel about a gender switching character (which shocked me because he’s usually pretty open minded about such things. )  Next, I wanted to have a character made of rubber in the same way as Luffy from the OnePiece anime.  Hubby started mapping out the character. With a rubber based body, it would either have to be on all the time or I’d have to turn it on each time I wanted to be rubber. Then, I would have an intolerance towards electrical based attacks because rubber is a great insulator. However, rubber melts so I would be prone to fire attacks. It got to be a little complicated and all the power points I would have to put into it didn’t seem to make it worthwhile.  We did this with a lot of different characters until I gave up.

As a side note, I wanted to make a character called Brass Balls Von Klakken who had testicles made of brass balls.  He would smack them together to launch lightning attacks.  Hubby said no because the world was supposed to be gritty (like Batman) and not silly.  That also meant that I wouldn’t be able to use the character Sweet Cheeks McTushy who was a female character that had a rubber ass and could shape it into different shield-based things.  She would also be able to use it to travel faster, kind of like Tigger.  Alas, too silly.  I won’t even get into what I thought Fluffer McNutter Muffin could do.  Ah well.

Finally, I gave up thinking about it.  All the characters would require too complicated set ups and I was getting stressed at work.  One day, I came home strung out from work stress and Hubby was all alight. He had the perfect villain character.  A heavy metal bard.  Yes, a heavy metal bard. She would have the Boots of 1,000 Mosh Pits, the Choker of Screamo, the Leather Jacket of Punk Rock, and the Steel Axe of the Thunder Gods (a guitar).  The attacks could change up (lightning from the guitar, sound based attacks from the choker, stun/quake attacks from the boots, etc).  The jacket is armor, obviously.  I was super excited.  What an awesome character! I decided that I needed to draw her up.

Unfortunately, my hand is killing me from work.  Not only is crocheting very difficult right now, but holding a pencil and sketching for an hour is pretty much a nightmare in pain waiting to happen.  Despite this, I decided to try and create a mock up of her head.  The results are horrible.  I wanted to go with an anime-styled character so I watched some tutorials to refresh my mind. No help. The character keeps coming out looking all sad and Emo. Punk Metal Rock, not Emo! Ahhh!

I think this is just a reflection of my current state of mind. Oh, I am plenty angry about current situations in life, but it seems I am more sad than angry.  I had better start channeling more anger if my character is going to look convincing.  Here’s hoping to a speedy wrist/hand recovery so I can draw more.  Aaaannnddd.. once I get the printer working again, I can post these god-awful sketches for all to snicker at.

Mmmm, Snickers.


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