Dear Viral Infection with no specific cause,

We are done. I would say the expected lines in a break-up: “It’s not you, it’s me,” but it is you. You’re a right bastard and I’m tired of putting up with your nonsense.

When people are dating, it’s normal to feel dizzy and light headed from the rush of those feel-good hormones.  It is not, however, a great deal of fun to feel dizzy and light headed from an infection.  Headaches and vision problems aren’t my idea of a good time.  At this point, I’d rather walk across hot coals than continue this affair.

That being said, I don’t see why you’ve lingered for so long. I’ve done everything I should to get rid of you.  I’ve had so much water that I feel like a goldfish.  I spend more time asleep than awake.  I’m taking my medicine like a good little invalid.  Still, you persist.  I’m afraid if you continue to stalk me in this manner, there is really nothing I can do about it.

Please go away…


Yours not-so-sincerely,

Tired of being tired


2 thoughts on “Break-up

  1. You really must be a generous host for the virus to be lurking for so long, I gather when you finally bid it farewell you won’t be keeping any mementoes to remember it by? wishing you a healthy end you your tumultuous affair


    • You are lovely, Mrs P 🙂 This thing is like a house guest that has far overstayed it’s visit. I truly hope to have nothing to remember it by.. except a smaller bank account. Doctors are so expensive. Thank you for the well wishes!


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