10 of the most annoying things..

..in my life (which is better off than I would have you believe). Ahem. Mind you, these are not in order.

  1.  Reaching for the Pop-Tarts wrapper to eat your second pop-tart only to realize that you already have.

    Chocolate Pop Tart Picture


  2. Turning on the TV to watch something and being blasted away by volume that is set dangerously high.  This also goes with the radio in the car.

    Picture of Animal Muppet


  3. Drinking the last bit of whatever out of a cup and being greeted with crusty/slimy residue at the bottom of the glass. I guess I did not wash that as thoroughly as I had hoped.  Toilet King, I beseech thee.
  4. Getting up in the darkness in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a snack (or both) and being greeted with a nice wet glob of hairball. On the carpet. With socks on.
  5. When your hair won’t stay put. Look here, I am not a vain person by any means, but my hair has a mind of it’s own. If they ever give me an IQ test, they’ll have to give my hair a separate one. It is obviously suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder and refuses to obey the commands I give it and, sometimes, the laws of gravity. Please, just for once, stay in place!

    Picture of untamed hair

    Wild Hair

  6. Playing a fun quest on an internet-based RPG only to be kicked off at a most inopportune time because the servers are going down for maintenance. This usually happens in the middle of a boss fight. And, yes I know, they give you warnings in that tiny text box. But who really pays attention to that? Oh.. all those chatters do I suppose.. nevermind.
  7. Cats meowing at god-awful hours for no reason at all but to remind you of their existence. As if you could forget.
  8. While we’re on the cats thing: litterboxes. I hate them. I hate scooping them. I hate refilling them. I hate the trail of litter in the bathroom. I hate it when the shower head gets turned just right and sprays a little on the bathroom floor that is already littered in kitty .. well.. litter. Yuck.

    Litter box picture

    LItter yuck

  9. Going to your favorite restaurant for your absolute favorite dish and finding out that they’ve discontinued it. This is only after you have already ordered your alcoholic beverage.
  10. People. I’m not going to go into specifics because there are too many of them. You know what (and who) I mean.



4 thoughts on “10 of the most annoying things..

  1. Major chuckle, I’m with you on just about all of the above, how can I control my life when I can’t control my hair !!! Neurotic Cat has a meow that gets the neighbours up at the crack of dawn as they think their car/house alarm is going off 🙂 and don’t even get me started on people …. too late I’m off to possibly maim one of them as a warning to all the others


    • I think I would have to create a whole new list for “People” but then my post might be flagged by the NSA and I’d have men in black suits at my doorstep, wanting to talk to me about my anti-social ways. 🙂


      • The men in black that called by my cottage were really quite sweet, a cup of tea & a nice slice of home made cake and I swear they were putty in my hands, and once I stated my case about ‘People’ they were very understanding, even offering to pay some of them a ‘visit’ on my behalf, which I thought was rather good of them……come to think of it ‘First Born’ has been rather attentive of late 🙂


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