A better future.

It seems that learning computer sciences is gaining speed. America is starting to pick up its slack in this area by making computer sciences a requisite in schools across America.  NPR has a great article HERE.  I spoke about my own experiences with learning code from online websites in my previous blog named “Trials of Learning”.

Today, I came across a great website that has listed sites that offer to teach code, along with pros and cons.  CareerFoundry Blog is much more succinct and offers a way for people to decide, at a glance, which site is best for them.

It’s funny – despite computers and computer-based programming becoming more and more apart of everyday life, the majority of the people using these technologies still have no real concept about how these things function.  Not only can this cause frustration in actually using any computer-oriented device, this ignorance can cost people opportunities. The discrepancy between schools and students with access to computer science classes is costing children opportunities, as USNews talks about in this article.  Why all the hubbub? Without an education or basic understanding of computer sciences, people can fall behind in work force related opportunities.  In order to have a better standard of living, many people are jumping on the idea that learning about computers is probably a good thing.  Of course, there are still gaps in education and jobs relating to the computer sciences. These discrepancies cover the usual: gender, race, etc.  The US Census Bureau has an interesting article all about this from 2013 HERE.

But I’m not here to focus on just the negatives – there are many positives.  The Internet is chalk full of positive personal anecdotes (like this ONE) about how learning computer sciences have helped people not only overcome financial problems, but also self-worth issues. In a world that is constantly trying to progress and move ahead, an investment in a computer-oriented education seems like a no brainer.

In this light, I hope to keep the ball rolling on my end in order to obtain the necessary qualifications to better my situation in life.  Although there are many cons with the options for learning code free, it really just comes down to sweat. You still have to learn, yes, the old-fashioned way. There is no Matrix-style way of learning that is going to automatically put this information into your brain. I think that many people blur the line between the convenience that computers add to our lives, and the learning process about these computers. It still takes time, effort, and a lot of trial and error.  I’m working on tweaking these things to my style of learning. I’ve figured out that I need a structured time-table to motivate me to keep learning.  I also need others around me to talk about what I’m learning.  Because of this, I think that college classes would be best for me. However, free coding classes and library books are great tools I use to help fill in the gaps.

Computers aren’t going anywhere and it’s time we learned to make the most of them in order to advance ourselves as well.  Here’s to a better future.


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