FREE Crochet Pattern – Celtic Weave Blanket

This is gorgeous. Yet another pattern to add to the “To Do” list..

Pattern Paradise

I love the woven look of this design. It is so simple to do once you work through the first set of repeats. I used this stitch with a simple border to make one of my memory blankets for Project Sweet Peas, but you could make this blanket any size. Just be sure to start with a multiple of 4 chains + 1 chain to turn and that the beginning chain is the width you want the finished blanket to be less 2 inches to allow for the border.

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Celtic Weave Blanket IMG_4719.jpg

Charmed by Ewe has a really terrific video that demonstrates the technique and I would recommend viewing it before you start. Click here to view video.

Celtic Weave Blanket

Materials & Gauge:

You can use any size or type of yarn, choose a hook that is appropriate…

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