Granny Square Bonanza!

**Warning: Craft Content**

So I’ve been hoarding granny square patterns for a while and a thought dawned on me. Why don’t make a blanket out of each granny square? Duh! That’s what they’re for, silly.

On that note, I’ve decided to share the links of all the granny square patterns I want to put into the blanket.  I have not even begun to work out dimensions, how many squares of what size I will need, how much yarn of each color I will need, and how many decades of my life I will spend on it and still never finish it.. BUT, I still can dream.  Just click on any of the beautiful granny square pictures to be taken to the appropriate FREE pattern. Woohoo!

A picture of a snuflower granny square

Sunny Flower Square by Zooty Owl


A picture of the sunburst granny square

Sun Burst Square by Nittybits

A picture of the owl granny square

Owl Square by Repeat Crafter Me

A picture of a heart granny square

Heart Square by Daisy Cottage

A picture of a flower granny square

Majestic Bloom by My Hobbi is Crochet

A picture of a celtic knot granny square

Celtic Knot Square

A picture of another flower square

Ten Petal Square by Joyce Lewis


Oh Hell’s bum!  I have too many to post here.  Well, if you have been bitten by the granny square bug, the only relief is more granny squares!  If you love these patterns but think that a few may look too advanced (I feel a reservation about them, as well) the lovely Adaiha has a wonderful Granny Square Tutorial right HERE.  She also has a project going on called “Granny Square A Day”.  That’s quite a lot of granny square ambition!  And hey, if a granny apple a day keeps the doctor away, there’s not telling what a granny square a day will do!  Have fun 🙂


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