Lemon Cake

A few days ago, I baked a cake. This is no easy feat for several reasons. First off, my kitchen is small. It’s so small that it makes a closet feel rather comfy. Being in it to do anything cooking related is frustrating when there’s only one person in it. Add two cats and it’s nearly impossible. Lots of tripping, stepping on paws, and cursing.  Secondly, I haven’t been exactly dying to cook or bake, recently. In fact, I’ve been downright slacking on my end of the whole cooking thing. I’m sure the marriage “contract” makes a good point to emphasize just how jointly cooking should be done. Along with house cleaning, feeding cats, and taking turns driving.  Still, I was slacking. I blame work but the truth is that I have a wonderful husband who is also a great cook. I digress.

The reason it has really been so long is that my taste is different from Hubby’s. I want extra, extra chocolate and he wants something more simple, like yellow.  He is always so giving when it comes to food, that I had to make a point to get a cake he was going to like. So I bought his favorite, a lemon cake mix.  Mmm. It is actually very tasty and goes great with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Mmm.

At any rate, the cake came out wonderfully!  It was tall, moist, not overly done, and the icing was spread thick.  The only problem now is that there just isn’t enough of it!  Since only Hubby and I were eating it, I figured it was pointless to cut it into tiny little squares, so I just cut myself out a big hunk. By hunk, I mean I mentally cut the cake in half and then in thirds.  Yes, a very large but yummy “slice”.

A picture of a slice of lemon cake

Darth A’s lemon cake

The next day, I went back for another slice hunk, only to find that it must have been a good idea. Hubby had cut himself a slice of the same proportions. Things only escalated from there. At one point, I took a piece that was two hunk put together. Mmm.  Cake.

Now, there sits a rather large hunk in the pan. It seems solitary and I am left at a crossroads. Do I eat it? Did I eat more than my fair share? If I ask Hubby he will say what he always, lovingly says, “Take what you want. I’ve had my fill.”

God I love this man. *shoves cake into mouth*


3 thoughts on “Lemon Cake

  1. Many congratulations on your yummy cake, I certainly hope you don’t take offence at my comment … either way here goes, A cake should only ever be cut in half, any less a portion is a sin and I surely don’t want you to have that on your conscious, Any cake left after the first sitting is on a first come first served basis … unless you are deliberately trying to impress Your Man with a show of manners or there is an approaching Zombie Apocalypse in which case you need to save food rations…. I hope this information has been of value 🙂

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