Crochet Time!

Step right up, folks! It’s that time again. What time is it? It’s crochet time!

**Warning: Craft Content**

Alright, here’s the gist of it: I have too many crafty projects going on at once. I even have a few ton that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Yes, years.  The logical thing to do would be to finish these off, right? Select the easiest one and snowball it until all the projects are done. Yes? Not here.

Here, we start another project!

I decided that I wanted to give this awesome, crochet zig-zag blanket a go. I had some yarn sitting around that I was going to *gasp* give away or donate, so I decided to do a type of prototype with it. If it doesn’t work out, I’m not our any expensive yarn and I can just stop midway, right? Nope again.

I like the pattern and the colors are growing on me. Purple and gold. Yes, you read that right: purple and gold.  It’s the same colors for the Minnesota Vikings, or so Hubby found out. I don’t really like sports. I was thinking, though, maybe I can market it that way? Hmm, maybe not. Anyways.

Here’s the progress I made as of a few days ago:

A picture of the progress of the Vikings blanket

Go Vikings!

Since then, I’ve been to the laundromat and added about a dozen more stripes. It’s a great way to make up a blanket, and would probably work very well as a rug.  I’m just making a lap blanket that I am going to add trim to, so there will be a little more width and it should end up a few feet long (if not more).  Who am I kidding? I don’t have this planned out. I’ll just stop when it looks good, or way past the point when it looked good.

It’s my blanket, I can do what I want.


Like I said, the colors are actually growing on me:

A picture of a closeup of the Vikings blanket.

Ra ra Vikings!

It almost has a Harry Potter feel to it. Oh geez, now I want to do one in Harry Potter’s various school factions (or whatever they’re called).  God help me, I’ll kill myself with crochet!

On that note, it’s my plan to go to another Renaissance Faire this Fall, so I plan on putting the whole Vikings thing to good use.. just in another way.  I want to make a couple of viking helmets (one with beard for moi, and one without for Hubby who already has one), along with a scale-stitch armor looking vest, and some wrist and leg warmers. It’s a big undertaking so it probably won’t get done this year, but I already have the patterns picked out! Behold! Just click on the picture to be taken to the free pattern.

A picture of a crocheted viking helmet with beard

Go Vikings!

And any good Viking would be wearing gauntlets, right? Well, maybe not. But I hope to be! I found these and fell in love with them because the shape explains what they are so well.  It’s better than just making grey wrist warmers and explaining that they are my “gauntlets”. No! I will have true gauntlets like any hood-bearing warrior should!

A picture of crocheted gauntlets

Viking Gauntlets!

Now, all I need is a good leg warmer pattern that looks like armor. I’m still hunting, but when I find it, I’ll let you know *wink*.  As for the vest, I think I am going to have to modify a basic vest design. It really shouldn’t be too difficult. I can make the whole thing with the base for the scale stitch and then go back in and add the scales. This way, I should be able to ensure the dimensions of the vest are good before putting a lot of scale work into it.

Sounds like a plan! I will probably end up doing it a totally different way or not at all. Right.



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