When worlds collide

I love gaming. I love drawing. Lately, I’ve been combining the two. No, no, I haven’t been doing any fanart. I am no where near talented enough for that. I have, however, been brushing up on some anime style basics.  Here’s the backstory:


Hubby has been getting into his tabeltop RPG game, which is quite a feat considering we don’t live close enough to any of our friends to enjoy a game with them. This has not deterred him, however, he has found alternatives. First off, he’s become quite an avid follow of the Savage World Hangouts on Google+.  It’s a group of people that are Game Masters for the RPG Savage Worlds.  They each seem to have a different way of approaching their GM duties, as most GMs do, and it’s kind of interesting to see them discuss these differences.  I don’t usually follow along with Hubby, but every now and again, a real gem comes along and I have to pay attention.

One of their latest gems is their live feed for playing the Savage Worlds game. They are using the East Texas University campaign/setting. This just means that they are using a pre-fabricated setting.  The setting is, as Hubby puts it, “Buffy’s college years.”  If you’re a hard core magic/fantasy lover – this is the setting for you.

Hubby has been creating worlds and settings for this game since he found it. At first, we were doing a fantasy/sci-fi world composed of his ideas and my input/drawing/organization. It was fun but it kind of fell to the wayside due to work and personal emergencies.  Not to fear, Hubby now wants to do a villain oriented game called Necessary Evil. It goes like this: an invading alien army has wiped out the heroes. We, the villains, aren’t going to stand by and let these aliens take over what we’ve been working so hard to take over from the start! So, we are going to take on the role of the heroes, but still be all villainy. Yea, we might save that outpost, but we don’t care if many people survive in the process.

He and I had been working on a character that I could play and Hubby came up with the best idea: a deathmetal bard. She will have lots of awesomely enchanted gear to get the job done: Axe of the Death Metal Gods, Jacket of Punk, Screamo Choker of Pain, Boots of 1,000 Mosh Pits, etc.  I decided to sketch out my character in the anime style because it’s just fun.  I don’t need a better reason, right? Right.

Lo and behold, it’s been forever since I have drawn anything, let alone in the style of anime. I had to look up some great anime tutorials and I’ve gotten back aboard the otakku train.  I decided to practice the individual components and then work on putting them together. I practiced drawing head shapes, hair, and eyes.  My first attempt at drawing any of these was god awful, but I think I’m getting better.  Here’s some anime eyes:

A picture of anime eyes

The Eyes Have It

The hair isn’t turning out so great.. I think I’m going to have to work on it a bit more before I share.   Still, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, thus far 🙂


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