Family Outing

As luck would have it, Hubby had to drive out to Ohio in order to get the ball rolling on the hiring process. Well, that’s not entirely accurate.. he’s been hired: he just had to go get all the screening things done. You know, physical, tax forms, finger printing. Finger printing? Oh yea, it’s a Gov’ment job, so he had to get finger printed. He’s in the system now! *evil laughter*


Well, at any rate, he had to go to Ohio. In fact, his trip would be very close to the cemetery where my father and his parents are buried.  Mom, Hubby and I decided to make a day of it.  I asked Brother, but he has stable work right now, and that is very important. So, I promised him that he and I would make a special trip next Summer. I can’t wait!

I know, I know. I just went, but it’s fun and I want to go again. Some of you may think that is a little morbid, but visiting dead relatives for me is like visiting living ones. All of the good memories and vibes come back. If it’s as sunny out as it was today, it’s even better.  Of course, the cemetery was just the destination, getting there was quite an ordeal. I guess I’m not the only one who finds humor in these things:

Click picture for an hilarious animated short!

Click picture for an hilarious animated short!

First of all, we had to get to all of Hubby’s appointments. It was a good thing that Hubby printed a map out wrote all of the directions down because we didn’t get lost once. Okay, maybe once.. or twice. Oh bother, we we got lost all day long. We had a hard time finding the right highway to get onto, and then the parts we needed were closed for construction so we had detours. Long detours. On the way to the cemetery, the detour took us halfway back home before bringing us around again. It was kind of funny.  Good thing we had a full tank of gas!

Ah, but we did finally make it to the cemetery. Only, we couldn’t find the marker. Mom kept saying it was by the flagpole, but that was a Vietnam Memorial site. We were a little perplexed until I knocked on the office door. After searching through the card catalog of markers, the cemetery groundskeeper had one thing to say, “Wrong cemetery.”

Yea, we went to the wrong one. Hey, it’s not our fault, we hadn’t been in almost 10 years.  It’s hard finding time, scheduling agreements, and resources to travel so far to visit dead relatives. Still, we should do it more often.

I digress, we found the right cemetery. It was about a mile down the road. We had to visit the office to find out where the marker was because they were all flat to the ground. It made it impossible to read any of them from a distance.  The office lady was helpful, although a might terse. She was probably used to dealing with dead people. Us living can be so trying, sometimes. To ease her pain, her office was totally tricked out. She had an olden timey desk, filing cabinet, and even an old phone. BUT! She had a very nice computer with a flat screen monitor, a printer on steroids, a portable flat screen tv, and a satellite radio receiver. Wow! Grandma must get a lot of work done at the cemetery office!
At any rate, she was kind enough to give us several maps so we wouldn’t get lost and then come back and bother her again. We found the marker and took some lovely photos!  However, I’m not showing up close photos of the actual markers because names and privacy.
A picture of a stone statue of a giant bible open to the ten commandments

Giant Bible

Their markers were by the giant Bible statue, which was open to the Ten Commandments. The carving work was really impressive when you got up close to read it:


The whole cemetery was split into various sections, and each one had a statue or marker of sorts that it was named after. There was one across the way with a beautiful statue of, I’m presuming, the Virgin Mary because it was titled “Immaculate Conception”.

A picture of  a statue of the Virgin Mary

Immaculate Conception

I was a little bummed out when we found the right spot. The office lady told me it was between two trees, but she failed to mention that one of the trees was now a stump.

A picture of a tall tree stump


Then again, Dad would have thought it funny that the only dead tree in the whole place was next to his grave. Not to fret, he had a beautiful bush/tree growing right next to his marker.

A picture of a bush

Bushy Grave

It almost looks like someone buried him with seeds in his hands. The bush is actually a combination of three different leaf types.  Sweet.  He was also facing inwards, and had a nice view of a lovely old shag bark tree.

A picture of a tree

Shag Bark Tree

All was not lost, afterall.  The ride home was uneventful and I got much further along on my “Weekend” Blanket. I hope to have it done by next week. It was great to spend time with Mom and Hubby, though we were all a little out of spirits having had to get up so early in the morning. Still, I would do it all over again. It was great fun!



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