Weird Rounded Rocks

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show. This means a lot of congested traffic, strange people walking around the town, and overly expensive fair foods at the fair grounds. It also means lots of garage sales. Since Hubby and I currently do not have extra income, we decided to go for a walk and “window” shop past the garage sales.

We ended up walking about five blocks up and back, but it was hot so we were taking our time. On one of the sidewalks,  I happened to look down and found something quite strange: a cone-shaped rock. It’s very polished and quite odd. The weirder thing is that this is the second one I have found like this in about 7 years.

I pocketed the rock and kept walking, but when we got home, I ran to my bedroom. I remembered putting the other rock in a keepsake box but was unsure if it was still there. Fortunately, it was. It is a little larger than the rock I found, but the same cone shape. Weird.

Here are some fascinating pictures. If anyone has any ideas about what these rocks could be, please let me know! Hubby thinks they might be used with some sort of polishing machine, but I’m not sure. There are no holes nor any marks showing where they might be held by a machine. Any ideas?

A picture of my two cone-shaped rocks

Strangely Rounded Rocks

A picture of my cone-shaped rocks next to a US quarter for scale.

Rocks with US Quarter

A picture of the rounded bottoms of my cone-shaped rocks

The bottom showing on the right hand rock.


My ideas are running scarce for this one. Maybe they were from a large bird or turtle who used them to aid in digestion. They could be from some sort of polishing or grinding mechanism used by people. Maybe they were once ordinary rocks, but got caught in some type of machinery (like a street cleaner) and were ground down to this shape until they fell off? I have no idea.


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