Just another day in the life..

..of Ye Olde Timey Towne.

Today was supposed to be jammie day. Hubby and I were supposed to sit in the air conditioning, in our jammies, on the couch, and binge watch Netflix all day. That didn’t happen.

It’s partly my fault because I forgot that we had an appointment at 2pm. Oops. Hubby had family over to help out with some online stuff, which ended up not working out, but I got the house clean. As Hubby said, “Nothing cleans a house faster than having company over.” Yay! Clean house.

I was also able to work on some of my artsy/crafty projects. I tried two more attempts at the neighbor’s baby blanket but have yet to find a pattern that will suit my needs. I’m being too picky, I know, but it’s supposed to be cute dammit!
I also did some drawing for a short story I wrote a few weeks ago and did some more research on writing novels in general. I swear that one of these days I will sit down and write. I promise. No, my fingers are not crossed behind my back. Okay, maybe a little.

Hubby and I decided that we had sat around too much and so we went for a walk. This is where things got interesting.
We were taking our usual walk down past the Court House when a young lady approached us. (Hubby has informed me that “lady” is too strong of a word.) Anyways, she asked us if we knew a bar that had the name “pickle” in it or something like that. We looked at eachother and then pointed .. at .. the bar. It was across the block. It was right there. I told her it was between the chiropractor’s office and the jail, as I was pointing across the street at said office. Hubby told her that if she hit the jail, she’d walked too far. She said okay and the proceeded to walk in the wrong direction.
Hubby and I took the cue and sat on the bench on the sidewalk. We watched her walk around the block, past the jail, and then we waited. She came back around the same corner, looked around a little bit, and slowly meandered her way into the Greasy Pickle bar. We watched and waited..
She came out of the bar, flagged down a truck in the middle of the road, and started talking to him and pointing in various directions. This whole time, we were sitting on a bench, diagonally from said bar. She saw us, we saw her, and she never came up and asked us anymore questions. Maybe she was offended by our laughter. When we decided to leave and head back for home, she was still walking around, in front of the bar, looking for the bar.
I wonder if people inside were telling her it was the wrong bar, just to mess with her. Oh the fun we have with tourists during the Tri-State Tractor and Gas Engine Show.

After that, it’s pretty much been winding down til bedtime. Let’s hope tonight is a good one for sleep, we have a dog to groom in the morning.

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