Finished Blanket


That’s right! I actually finished a blanket.  I know, I know. I was totally surprised, too.  Without further ado: Ripple In A Pond.

A picture of my blue and white afghan

Ripple In A Pond

It is 60 inches by 40 inches – a little larger than the pattern because I accidentally added too many white stripes.  Still, I love it! I am selling this one, hopefully. If it wasn’t needing the extra income at this time, I would keep it. It is made up of worsted weight yarns, in varying degrees of softness.  I have yet to wash, soften, and block it.  I will get around to that.. eventually.. I swear.  I’m just glad I finished something.

I got the pattern from Elizabeth Ham (click for link to Pattern – It is a PDF).  There is also a two part video tutorial which can be found HERE.

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