Necessary Evil

Hubby and I continue to work on the Savage Worlds campaign, “Necessary Evil”. For more information about this, see my previous post “When Worlds Collide”.  Originally, Hubby was helping me to make a Punk Rock oriented character. I felt, however, that he had put more into the character creation than I had. It seems as though it is his character, and not my own. On that note, I made a character of my own, with Hubby’s help. He basically walked me through how to create it, but I came up with the character on my own. Of course, Hubby has some wonderful ideas that he imparted because he knows the game much better than I do and, when it comes to this kind of thing, his creativity knows no bounds.

My character, therefor, is a former Britsh medic that was fighting in the Anglo-Zulu war. As history will tell, several soldiers, civilians, etc.. died in the first battle of that war, The Battle of Isandlwana. It was similar to Custard’s Last Stand. The British did bounce back from that first battle, but my character was not with them. Unfortunately, he was taken prisoner by the Zulu and tortured for information. Not being of any rank (medics in the British Army, at that time, were not given rank. In fact, their situation was rather gruesome), he was unable to relay any tactical information to them. When his captors were finished with him, and thought him dead, they flung him out into the surrounding deserts.  There, he was stumbled upon by a Hoodoo Witch Doctor.  The good Doctor helped heal his wounds and also taught him the ways of Hoodoo.  Although my character’s mind was fractured from his experiences, it was held together with the same magical energies that helped heal his body.

Due to his experiences with humans as a medic, he became a Necromancer and gained the ability to call upon the undead and undead forces.  He carries a skull on his belt that aids him in some spells (Flames of the Undead which sends flaming and screaming skulls at the enemy, Hands of the Undead which brings about two giant skeleton hands that trap the enemy, and Zombie, which turns a corpse into a minion of sorts).  He is also able to bring forth Death’s Breath through chanting, which is a spell that acts like a damaging aura. He can burrow and shift the sands to allow him to not only tunnel, but to also attack enemies.  He has a natural Decay ability which effects flesh only, but for which he must always be wearing gloves (kind of like Midas’ touch).  When he is unable to perform these spells, he draws upon his 9mm pistol that is loaded with cursed bullets thanks to his Smite ability. Of course, offense is not the only thing he is good at. For defensive purposes, he has a natural immunity towards disease and has the ability to regenerate. Regenerate allows him to not only regrow limbs or lost areas of his body (a perk that cost more points), it also allows him to heal more often and turns permanent damage into temporary damage.

Creating this character has been fascinating.  I have yet to create a name for him because I am still fleshing out that part of the story. Should he still use his birth name? Will he have taken a name bestowed upon him by the Witch Doctor? Due to his fractured psyche, I think it likely that he does both. I was, at first, going to have him suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder, but that required making several character sheets and this one, alone, has been exhausting.  Still, he carries different perspectives from his various experiences and has personified these things. It is as if his own personality is in place, but is constantly being pulled around. He has, for example, voices in his mind that are trying to influence his decisions. These voices are a result of having experienced a wide degree and variety of suffering. One voice will be the medic (oriented around preserving life), one will by the soldier (oriented around self-preservation), and one will be the Hoodoo spirit (oriented around control of the occult).  He would probably fall under “Schizophrenia” instead of “Multiple Personality Disorder”.  At any rate, it is going to be interesting.

Along with his name, I have not completely fleshed out other aspects of his background. Doing research on the Anglo-Zulu war, the dress and culture of Britain at the time, and how he would have been treated as a British medic is helping significantly. There is so much amazing information that I am delighted. I am researching the conflict not only from the point of view of the British soldiers and their allies, but also of the Zulu. I feel that the Witch Doctor will agree with the Zulu for defending their farms, but disagree with their methods.  Having all of this will allow my character to come to life and be less two dimensional.

After all of this, I will have to sketch him out with pencil and paper. The excitement is too much. I can’t wait!


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