When worlds collide

I love gaming. I love drawing. Lately, I’ve been combining the two. No, no, I haven’t been doing any fanart. I am no where near talented enough for that. I have, however, been brushing up on some anime style basics.  Here’s the backstory:


Hubby has been getting into his tabeltop RPG game, which is quite a feat considering we don’t live close enough to any of our friends to enjoy a game with them. This has not deterred him, however, he has found alternatives. First off, he’s become quite an avid follow of the Savage World Hangouts on Google+.  It’s a group of people that are Game Masters for the RPG Savage Worlds.  They each seem to have a different way of approaching their GM duties, as most GMs do, and it’s kind of interesting to see them discuss these differences.  I don’t usually follow along with Hubby, but every now and again, a real gem comes along and I have to pay attention.

One of their latest gems is their live feed for playing the Savage Worlds game. They are using the East Texas University campaign/setting. This just means that they are using a pre-fabricated setting.  The setting is, as Hubby puts it, “Buffy’s college years.”  If you’re a hard core magic/fantasy lover – this is the setting for you.

Hubby has been creating worlds and settings for this game since he found it. At first, we were doing a fantasy/sci-fi world composed of his ideas and my input/drawing/organization. It was fun but it kind of fell to the wayside due to work and personal emergencies.  Not to fear, Hubby now wants to do a villain oriented game called Necessary Evil. It goes like this: an invading alien army has wiped out the heroes. We, the villains, aren’t going to stand by and let these aliens take over what we’ve been working so hard to take over from the start! So, we are going to take on the role of the heroes, but still be all villainy. Yea, we might save that outpost, but we don’t care if many people survive in the process.

He and I had been working on a character that I could play and Hubby came up with the best idea: a deathmetal bard. She will have lots of awesomely enchanted gear to get the job done: Axe of the Death Metal Gods, Jacket of Punk, Screamo Choker of Pain, Boots of 1,000 Mosh Pits, etc.  I decided to sketch out my character in the anime style because it’s just fun.  I don’t need a better reason, right? Right.

Lo and behold, it’s been forever since I have drawn anything, let alone in the style of anime. I had to look up some great anime tutorials and I’ve gotten back aboard the otakku train.  I decided to practice the individual components and then work on putting them together. I practiced drawing head shapes, hair, and eyes.  My first attempt at drawing any of these was god awful, but I think I’m getting better.  Here’s some anime eyes:

A picture of anime eyes

The Eyes Have It

The hair isn’t turning out so great.. I think I’m going to have to work on it a bit more before I share.   Still, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, thus far 🙂


Granny Square Bonanza!

**Warning: Craft Content**

So I’ve been hoarding granny square patterns for a while and a thought dawned on me. Why don’t make a blanket out of each granny square? Duh! That’s what they’re for, silly.

On that note, I’ve decided to share the links of all the granny square patterns I want to put into the blanket.  I have not even begun to work out dimensions, how many squares of what size I will need, how much yarn of each color I will need, and how many decades of my life I will spend on it and still never finish it.. BUT, I still can dream.  Just click on any of the beautiful granny square pictures to be taken to the appropriate FREE pattern. Woohoo!

A picture of a snuflower granny square

Sunny Flower Square by Zooty Owl


A picture of the sunburst granny square

Sun Burst Square by Nittybits

A picture of the owl granny square

Owl Square by Repeat Crafter Me

A picture of a heart granny square

Heart Square by Daisy Cottage

A picture of a flower granny square

Majestic Bloom by My Hobbi is Crochet

A picture of a celtic knot granny square

Celtic Knot Square

A picture of another flower square

Ten Petal Square by Joyce Lewis


Oh Hell’s bum!  I have too many to post here.  Well, if you have been bitten by the granny square bug, the only relief is more granny squares!  If you love these patterns but think that a few may look too advanced (I feel a reservation about them, as well) the lovely Adaiha has a wonderful Granny Square Tutorial right HERE.  She also has a project going on called “Granny Square A Day”.  That’s quite a lot of granny square ambition!  And hey, if a granny apple a day keeps the doctor away, there’s not telling what a granny square a day will do!  Have fun 🙂

A Lazy Summer Day

I seem to be lazier than usual as of late.  It could be the oppressing heat and humidity, the lack of employment, or the limited human contact I currently have.  At any rate, I’ve been doing a lot of the following: playing video games, watching cartoons, daydreaming, napping, and well.. just piddling around the house. I should be doing more resume making, housework, and getting out and about.. but you know how it is.  I find that when I’m feeling unproductive the fastest fix is to doodle. You start with a blank piece of paper, a pencil and in a few minutes, wow!  Look what I just did! I actually did something today. Go me!

Alright, so as sad as all of this sounds it still stands to rest that I love to doodle. It is a great little pick-me-up, even if the pictures don’t turn out all that great.  Gotta love the creative process!



Is it a cat? Is it a dog? No! It’s CatDog! I have no idea. I just wanted to share my doodle of purposefulness!  Ok, back to being a couch potato.

Hobo the Koala

I get bored on my 20 minute breaks at work and I like to draw/doodle.  You know, aside from cramming food down my gullet and re-hydrating my exhausted ass.

Last week, I doodled Hobo the Koala.  I get the ideas for my doodles from Mark Kistler. He is pretty awesome, check his videos out. Caution though, his stuff is geared towards the kiddies.  It’s just as good for us immature adults though 😉

I digress.. my doodle:


Hobo the Koala

I couldn’t get the other side of this body to match so I *tried* to erase his other hand and put it down holding a Eucalyptus branch instead.  As for his right eye, which looks like he got into a fight with the Eucalyptus tree.. I couldn’t get it to match either.

I use thin, note-taking paper because it’s the only pad of paper small enough I can find to fit in my lunch bucket for work.  I would love to use actual sketch paper.. I might be able to actually erase things.  Also, I am horrible at sketching lightly.  I press way too hard.. big shocker.

Kitteh Block Head

I love my cat, Shadow.  I call her “mine”, but I really belong to her.  Although she is black, she is named Shadow because she follows me everywhere. Here is her portrait done in the simple little program Microsoft Paint:


The story goes like this:  When I used to live on my own (before getting married, etc.), I lived in a small, but nice, apartment.  One night, after work, I decided to get the trash out.  I gathered it up and opened the door to take it out to the bin.  In walked a scrawny, very vocal, black cat.  She just waltzed into the living room and looked up at me saying, “Hey, what’s for supper?”  I laughed, took out the trash, and tried to figure out what to name her (which took a while because I believe in asking the animal’s permission for their name).

The next day, I called the Veterinarian and had the works set up for her.  I also achieved the goal in finding out her name.  She was mine.. er. I was hers now.  Ever since then, she is the staple in my life.  The strange thing is.. I’ve always attracted cats in this manner, and more recently.. black ones. But more on that later.

Nerves of Lead

Whenever I get nervous, I like to doodle.  This morning I had an interview for a job and was, needless to say, very nervous.  I was ready to go, early, and waiting for the clock to hurry up so I grabbed my sketch pad and drew a little bit of my orchid plant.

Orchid - Front and Back


My husband bought me this orchid and it is absolutely beautiful, I don’t do it justice.  There is one flower facing me and one facing away.  I only had the attention span to draw two of the many flowers.  Hope it’s recognizable!

I think if I have time and attention span enough, I will do a watercolor of this.  The purple of the flowers is spectacular 🙂