Lyrics optional

I was going to try to write an “Explain the Lyrics” post to “I’m Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO.  I could not bring myself to do it.  I love the fact that the song is so over the top and hilarious.  It makes me laugh everytime I hear it, and I often laugh at others who are listening to it.  However, I don’t seem to be able to listen to the whole thing through because I lose interest pretty quickly.  I sure as hell can’t watch the video anymore, it’s just too.. weird?  I have no idea how men can stare at jiggling tits all the time and be turned on.  Staring at jiggling penis’ in the video just makes me want to not eat for a little while.. good diet plan!

At any rate, the song is obviously and basically about a man that thinks he is more attractive than he is.  This is reinstated by women with (here we go again) low standards who are willing to have sex with men such as this.. Is there a pattern here?  Wow, would rock and roll and pop music not exist if women had higher standards?  Mmm..  possibly.


How I listen to music AKA Why my husband can’t listen to music with me in the room

Have you ever wondered what that so-called artist was talking about in their song?  Well fear no more!  Here I will explain in simple and easy-to-understand terms the meaning of all those hard-to-understand songs.  It’s a miracle!

Let’s get started with a song I was listening to earlier (you may or may  not have heard it.. it’s not important) Woman by Wolfmother.  Please note that all lyrics belong to the original artist so don’t sue me.

Woman – by Wolfmother

You know you’re a woman (You have a vagina and tits right?)

You got to be a woman (Cuz you have tits and I hope a vagina too)

I got the feeling of love (I’m horny)

When you’re talking to me (You’re talking?)

You see right through me (You can tell I’m horny, can’t you?)

I got the feeling of love (I”m really horny)

She’s a woman (Yup, tits AND a vagina)

You know what I mean (See above)

You better listen (I kiss and tell)

Listen to me (see above)

She’s gonna set you free (She spreads ’em)

Well you’re kinda looking at me (My low self-esteem makes me doubt that you could be attracted to me)

Like I’ve got to set you free (Oh wow, you’re looking at me and are attracted to me! This rock-and-roll band things is a sweet deal!)

You know I can’t be nobody (I’m just a bum but my standards are as low as yours so let’s have sex! And I have no money with which to pay you.)

She’s a woman (We covered this)

You know what I mean (This too..)

She’s gonna set you free (And this one)


You know you’re a woman

You got to be a woman

I got the feeling of love

She’s a woman

You know what I mean

You better listen

Listen to me

She’s gonna set you free

Words in RED simply mean the following:  She has tits, a vagina, and low standards.  SCORE!