Spirit Guides – What are they and do they really exist?

In all honesty, this is a highly personal question in the sense that the perception of the answer and the question itself will change from person to person.  This, in turn, is due to everyone’s perception being different, but I won’t get into the difference between subjective and objective reality so deeply at this time.  Instead, this answer is my opinion combined with an educated guess.  If this is unsettling to you because you are a person who requires to have seen something in order for it to be true, that is fine.  However, I politely request that you do not post on here that your thoughts are such and use them to debunk my own opinions.  On the other hand, I do like a little debate and insight into other’s points of view.  I simply ask that if your purpose is solely to prove my opinions wrong with your opinions, that you save it for your personal Facebook page.  On to the good stuff.

According to Wikipedia (which I loathe to use as a reference source, see “credibility”), a “Spirit guide is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being“(Wikipedia, 2012).  The article goes on to say that there are people that disagree with this idea of a spirit guide, considering it degrading to both spirit beings and those still in the physical realm.  I would have to agree with that assumption, on some levels.

In my personal fancy, I cannot see how a person can be “assigned” to another person even beyond this realm of things.  There are many reasons for this but first I must explain something interesting about energy and how the Universe uses it.  You see, the Universe does not destroy energy – it simply reuses it. If we want to learn anything about reduce, reuse, and recycle we can look to the epitome of the subject – the black hole.

A black hole is an object in space that is thought to be created when one or more stars go supernova (or hypernova, as the case may be).  This instant release of such intense energy causes a gravitational force to be created wherein no light can escape.  That’s “escape”, as in “not destroyed but sucked in”.  Many people are under the mistaken idea that black holes destroy everything they suck in.  However, astronomical theorists have been able to prove that there is, in fact, energy coming out the other side of a black hole.  It has simply changed in its make up.  This leads me to believe that the Universe does not destroy energy, it reuses it.  When a star, a mass of nuclear energy, implodes and releases it’s energy.. it has not been destroyed in the sense we believe it to have been.  It simply “released its energy”.  This can, in turn, create something as astronomical (pardon the pun) as a black hole.  If my thinking on this matter is erroneous, I welcome corrections.

This given example of how the Universe reuses energy without destroying it leads me to think that when we pass on, our energy is reused as well.  It is released and the Universe uses it for other things.  It can be as elementary as our decomposing body providing the necessary nutrients to help other lifeforms thrive.  But what happens before this occurs?  What of our consciousness?

That depends, I suppose, on your perception.  What is consciousness?  Do we possess some separate form of energy that allows us to be sentient or is all of this bundled into our biological make up and simply decomposes along with the rest of us?  Let’s take a look.

If our conscious and sentient beings are somehow separate from the rest of us, in a type of “soul”, then where did it come from and where does it go?  A soul is many things to many different religions.  I, myself, do not practice any orthodox and organized religion so the matter of a soul is still grey and fuzzy to me.  There are those that believe a soul is separate from the body and will transcend this realm onto another once the physical body is discarded through death.  Then, there are those who believe that the soul and body are one and the same and the soul will cease to exist along with the physical body.  To me, both answers are a little to cleancut and simple.  Just like the various paths we each pursue while still alive – I think our consciousness follows various paths.  I am not sure if we possess a soul that contains all of our memories, intentions, and wisdom.  I do believe, however, that it is possible for two things to happen.

ONE – We may have a more focused energy in our sentient consciousness that can leave foot or finger prints when we experience highly charged situations.  I think this may be why people who feel they are sensitives or psychics can pick up on memories, intentions, etc.. from people they do not know in places they have never been.  Is it merely an echo from the past or is the person still aware of these goings on and trying to communicate through them from beyond this realm?  I think it is more like an echo.  It is hard for me to grasp that an individual would spend such a long time hitting the same place again and again, in the same way, in the hopes that someone will eventually come along.

TWO – We are creating it.  It is possible for a person to create a type of energy through their own expectations or intentions if they are focused and/or skilled enough.  I believe many “hauntings” may be the result of a group of people focusing their energy and expecting a certain outcome.  Is it really such a surprise when it happens?  No, it’s what everyone expected and intended all along.  Of course, there are beings based in spirit energies that do “haunt” places and may even use the focused fingerprints of those past.  That’s something altogether different, as I don’t believe these beings were ever human.

Actually, it is possible for both of these to be happening.  It may just be that we left many imprints around this world of our focused energy before we died and that the now living are translating and using such energy to achieve the desired outcome.  I believe this may be what is going on.  I do not believe in “assigned” guardian angels that follow us all the time, nor do I believe that those passed are somehow trying to communicate from beyond the grave.  Rather, I believe that we are associating our own focused energies with the imprints of those we once knew and loved.  We may be translating these impressions differently, based on our needs and desires at the time.

This does not mean that these occurrences have any less meaning or importance.  Whatever can help a person through a difficult time without harming others, I believe, is well worth it.  I don’t care if you believe that a purple-polka dotted alien is following you around and causing good things to happen in your life.  If it helps you stay positive and on the road to happiness.. does it really matter?


Hiking, Drought, and the Supernatural

I went hiking two times today, in the same place no doubt.

My husband and I went to the Hudson Park and hiked the trails along the Salamonie River.  We were happy in seeing some dragonflies and did not realize we had hiked far enough to see a bridge a few miles away.  Sweet!

ImageDragonflyImageBlue Bridge

We also ran into a group of teenagers who were role-playing battles with foam swords and cardboard shields.  We were able to tell them about JourneyQuest and got an invite to join them again next week.  Awesome!

On the down side, the drought is in full swing here.  At one point, my husband was actually standing IN the dry river bed.  Kind of dis-heartening for the local farming community.

Image Where the river once was

Fortunately for my spirits (no pun intended), my best friend showed up and wanted to do a little hiking too.  She and I followed the same trails so I could show her how dry the river was.  Little did we know that we were in for a surprise of another kind.

We began by walking around the Hudson Park grounds, taking pictures of the lake and wildlife. We were talking, enjoying eachother’s company and snapping photos now and again.  We came upon the spot of the dry river and I was excited to show her just how low the river could go.

We decided to snap a picture with both of us.  Hmm.. the camera that has been working all this time is not working right.  Wait a second!  It only takes strangely distorted pictures when we are in this exact spot.  Is the light in the way?  No, we turn around and get the same problem.  Is the thumb in the way?  No, we take a few other pictures while making sure all appendages are where they should be.

Image Not so OK photo..

Image Photo in a diff spot.

We decide to go to another location and snap photos.  No problem.  We get lovely pictures.  Suddenly, my friend’s phone rings.  Her phone has gone to her tarot card application and brought up the Five of Swords.  This card just happens to have people running around with swords in front of a river.  Wow!  We are feeling the goose bumps now.

Image This is the exact picture that showed up on the Tarot app.

Next week, we are going back with a different camera and an audio recording device.  Even with the dry river, we may catch something yet!