And the mouth ran away with the brain

I’m really enjoying my new customer service job, I’m still not convinced it’s the right one for me, however. I am great with the cash register. I like to “front and face” the store as much as possible. I love to stay busy and clean when there’s nothing else to do. The best parts are interacting with the customers, but this is where it gets tricky. Why? Because I have a weird sense of humor.

We sell a lot of alcohol where I work and one gentleman came in and bought several bottles. A few of them were glass so I put them in a paper bag and then double bagged that in plastic bags. I told him that I didn’t want them to break before he got home and enjoyed his weekend with it all. He nodded and said something about appreciating it, but I didn’t stop. “You could go get a straw and drink it off the parking lot, but that just wouldn’t be the same.” He inhaled his orange pop and had a coughing fit for several minutes. I didn’t think the comment was all that off / inappropriate / funny, but I guess I forget what kind of conventional town I live in.

Another person came through and we got to talking how expensive compression socks are. I told him that I use mine until they just won’t stand up anymore because I can’t afford to go buy a new pair every month. I then proceeded to spout off about buying five pairs of panty hose and sewing them together to see if it worked any better. He guffawed and rolled his eyes. He walked away in either amusement or offense. I couldn’t tell. I didn’t think it was that crazy of an idea or a comment.

This is how I get into trouble (or will, I’m sure). My boss is very self conscious about the things he says to the customers and I know that one of these days, my over active imagination and mouth are going to do me in.