Work Rant

Caution, this turned out much larger and precarious than I had imagined.


These past few weeks have been a tumultuous experience. First of all, I became very ill and for no apparent reason. It was determined that I had a secondary sinus infection, but that shouldn’t have caused a fever that was quite so high nor one that lasted so long. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the medicine had actually worked, but I just seemed to keep getting sicker. I had difficult staying awake, food did not seem like fun, and my moods were shifting into dangerous areas.

Sick from Work

Sick from Work

Because of all this, I had to take a week off of work. It’s a good thing I did, I couldn’t keep my eyes open just from moving from the bed to the couch. I can only imagine the very nasty things that would have happened if I had actually tried to withstand a full shift at work.  I was hoping that was it. Surely one whole week of rest is enough to conquer any fever, right? Wrong.

The pure stress from work combined with strange hours and an allergy to fine dust particles made it too much to bear. My body simply could not fight the fever off. After the first day back, my fever spiked again. My body ached and no medicine helped the pain. I was feeling delirious, again, and it took everything I had not to cry myself to sleep. Despite this, I forced myself to go back to work the next day.. I think. It’s all kind of a blur. I remember having to go back to the doctor several times and get different doctor’s notes. It is possible that I slept one day and then went back.

Anyways, on my next day back, I lasted 40 minutes. Yes, 40 minutes. I didn’t even make it to the first 10 minute break. I just couldn’t handle the physical illness on top of the exceedingly unreasonable amount of stress. I didn’t cry when I got home, I slept. I think I slept the next day, too, but as I said before, it’s all a bit of a blur. I know I still feel weak and if I miss a dose of medicine, I get sick again.

Stress from Work

Stress from Work

This is where I get confused. How can we live in a place that demands so much out of each employee that their physical and mental health is at jeopardy? Is it like this everywhere in the US? The factories I have been working at as of late all seem to have the same attitude: Work them hard, work them fast, and don’t treat them like human beings.

I know, any company has to make a profit. And yes, I agree that people do need to be held accountable for their actions. People need to be willing to learn how to function at the required task and do so efficiently. That being said, it would be great if those in charge understood the implications of their unreasonable expectations. The thing is, they do and they still don’t care. “Figure it out”, “get it done”, “make it happen” are phrases too often uttered by those in charge. Those in charge who have no idea what it actually takes to complete the work. Yes, they are working too, but they do not understand that just because a job is labor intensive and considered entry level, it is still a hard job.

After awhile, such a hard job can take it out of you. This is especially true when you are required to work an outrageous amount of mandatory overtime due to the inability of those in charge to properly schedule people. This could be because they are running out of people to schedule, which is just one of many vicious and dysfunctional cycles that exist.  Again, I am not calling out any one company in this. It has been this way at the last four factories I have worked at. I have been told by a few that it isn’t like this everywhere, but those who only live in the state I do, seem to disagree.

Fired from Work

Fired from Work

I suppose this is all from a much larger problem: at will employment. The ability given to employers by the state to fire anyone and to do so at anytime is absurd. It causes situations where people will not object to working exceedingly long hours, all the while doing the job of two or three people. They can’t afford to lose their job – they aren’t going to say no. This needs to stop.

We are all human beings, we are not disposable commodities to be replaced and discarded like a used razor just because we demand fair treatment. I can honestly see why unions were necessary once upon a time, and I think that time has come back around.

Because of all of this, I am determined to better myself and get out of the dysfunctional companies that care so little for their employees. Their employees – the very people making it possible for the company to sell any product in the first place.

Good riddance.


It is Abyssmyal

I have a horrible job.  I know, I know.. everyone thinks their job is awful.  At least, most everyone does.  I often see these weird creatures about now and again that actually like their jobs.  How does that happen?

Here’s the low-down:  I don’t think I should have to sacrifice my time with family to have a stable career.  I don’t think I should have to be constantly emotionally stressed out in order to have job security.  I believe in working hard and getting the job done right the first time.  I just don’t believe in sacrificing the things that are more important to me (family, peace of mind) in order to do that.  Add to the list that I also do not think I should put my physical health on the line for my job.  What sense does it make that while I’m trying to bring an income in, I’m dealing with physical harm that can damage my ability to bring in an income?  Sounds about right in this place.

I know there are jobs that are stressful, both physically and/or mentally.  People sign up for those jobs.  They know what they are getting into.  I guess I just want to know where have all the good jobs gone?  What happened to practicing good Human Resources so that you treat your employees like people instead of policies?  I would love to know the answer.  So far, all I get is that I am one of many, replaceable peons. The work I do is monotonous, the people I work with are apathetic idiots, and the company I work for is clueless and would like to remain that way.  This place is turning into a third world country.  Let’s milk the workers for all they’re worth without regard to their physical safety or mental well being!

Sounds about right.

I am trying to get out of factory work, but that is proving difficult.  Everyone wants you to have experience and I have none.   That’s not entirely true because I do have experience.  I know how to use the various Microsoft Office programs – I used them everyday for almost two years to complete my online coursework.  For some reason, that doesn’t count.  Hiring officials want to have someone else to talk to that confirms that you did, in fact use the software for that given amount of time.  We’ve replaced taking someone’s opinion for it with common sense.

The problem isn’t that I have a hard time working.  I like to work.  I like to sweat and feel exhausted.  This makes me feel like I did something productive.  What I don’t like is the lack of common sense, consideration, maturity, and flexibility in the work environment and the people that work there.  I am constantly hearing people tell me, “That’s how it goes.  You get used to it.”  Really?  When?  I haven’t yet and it’s getting worse.  Anymore, going to work feels like it’s sucking my soul.  It’s as if I can feel my energy being physically drained out of my veins through my skin.  Ugh.

It would be easier if: the people were smarter and more mature, the management actually gave a damn, and the nepotism got nipped in the bud.  None of this is going to change, however, so I have to. change  It is time to find a new job but I have bills to pay until then so back to the dark hole I go.  I would just like to know when work became synonymous with boring, monotonous, tedious, and “AAAHHH!  I can’t take it anymore!”

To me, work used to be something to be proud of.  I did a good job, people mentioned that I did a good job.. I was exhausted from the work but in a good way, not to the point of falling over.  I felt productive and as if I was contributing to something.  Now, I feel like a peon.  My presence does not matter.  The work I am doing does not matter.  I don’t matter.  Talk about depressing.  It’s like I’m the main character in “1984” (or 1946 as my husband calls it).

Bring on the mind control!  My brain has been turned to mush from working at a deadend, redundant and useless job.  I should be ripe for the picking.  On a bright note, if the Earth is ever invaded by mind-ingesting aliens.. I’ll survive!  Damn, so will all the people I work with. Oh the Humanity!