Fevered Delirium

Ugh, I’ve had a fever for a week, now.  It has slowly gotten worse, to the point of sweating beyond my comfort zone.  I constantly feel dizzy and light headed, and I’m having difficulty staying awake.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor’s office, yesterday.  I was fully convinced that I had a massive ear infection due to the dizziness, general pukey feeling, and stabbing pain in my right ear. As the nurse practitioner rammed the light down my ear canal, making me wince and jump, I was shocked to be told that it was not an ear infection. Instead, I have tons of sinus drainage flowing through my ears.  “Dear God,” I thought, “what pain must one go through to have a true ear infection, then?”  I hope I never find out.

On the up and up, the only thing I can stomach for certain is popsicles, ice cream, and ramen noodles with mashed potatoes. Yum.  On the down side, I have missed too many days of work for my already over stretched budget.  I hope I don’t point out and end up on the unemployment line. Then again..

I’ve been creating resumes and applying for other jobs in town.  I have to take a break from all of this because my past experiences of going to an interview in a fever induced delirium did not end well.  Yes, I’ve done it before. Usually, I was unaware of the situation until the following few days.  And now I am beginning to wonder if any of this is making sense.  Oh boy, here we go again.. The Twilight Zone.


Twilight Zone TV Show gif

Twilight Zone