Life’s Suprises

A few weeks ago, I was walking up to the front door and I noticed a rather prominent green stalk sticking out of my garden.  Now, I do not get around to weeding it like I should.. but I do weed it enough to know the difference between a flower and a weed (or so I hope).  At any rate.. I had my hopes up that this new stalk was a sunflower.

We keep a sunflower/suet feeder for the birds on our porch.  We haven’t filled it or the normal birdfeeder in ages due to time and squirrels.


Birdie Bird Feeder

I never considered the seeds being eaten by the birds and then turned into Sunflower Seed plus fertilizer all in one package.  I guess that’s what happened, though.



I am so excited that this little flower came out of nowhere.  It is a very needed and pleasant surprise to my little garden.  Which has grown, by the way..

This is what my garden looked like a month or so ago:


Garden in July

This is what it looks like now:


Marigold Garden

As you can see, the marigolds have completely overtaken the other flowers.  The marigold plants that died from the neighbor’s dog peeing on them even grew back!  All in all, I have to say that it has been a successful flower garden this year 🙂  Our potted marigolds did not fare so well.  They were drenched in a storm we had a couple weeks ago and drowned.  On the plus side, we have fewer plants to water.





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